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Just watched the Crusader Kings 3 review and wondered about Bannerlord’s immersion

Content of the article: "Just watched the Crusader Kings 3 review and wondered about Bannerlord’s immersion"

First off, I hope nobody gets me wrong or give any one wrong ideas. I love Mount & Blade since 2017 and this is by far my favourite game ever since. This is my personal opinion and I encourage you to give me yours.

The reason for my post is because I love the single player campaign. I enjoy playing these long and immersive games, full of options on how to approach each individual because of how he thinks and how it will always change the options at my disposal. Having lords not liking me because I'm a merciless general or like me for being generous, having to climb up the ladder in a political way, maybe becoming a general or even the king and being able to plan war strategies before actually starting a war, having the lords at the borders and ready for a well planned battle, both from the player's side and AI.

Mount & Blade has an unique battle system that needs a good immersive dynasty system with organic decisions being made and created every minute, not just randomly and with no side effects to decisions and actions.

AIs should also react to AIs, make them work around their family and around personal interests (even overtaking a kingdom in which you're king), have conspiracies happening and the closer to the lord and the more similar ideas, the bigger the chance to be invited to said conspiracies or rebellions – even have rumours go around taverns to create actual interaction with civilians. Civilians don't even know you're the lord of their fief, let them speak what they think of you and of your management.

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Develop a type of city management where you actually have to place governors so you can make the city bigger and to make it prosper, giving you more things to worry about when you become the King of all Calradia. Have lords plotting against you so you have to execute him and his family to set an example and not lose trust or the fear (or love) you crave in their heart.

I hope any of this is ok and at least something is nice to add, I love the game, have been playing since 1.0 and can't wait for it to release. I do know this is Early Access and things are still in progress, but as most around here I can't wait to see this evolve every day.

What are your thoughts about the subject? What do you look forward in Bannerlord?


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