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Lore Balion and the Battanians

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So I was wondering about the lore of Calradia and Balion. Balion is supposedly an Island (or Isles) to the West of Calradia that is probably based on Britain (Albion – Balion).

We learn of Balion from the biography of Konrad (The spelling seems to be Germanic as oppose to a British or Irish spelling, though. As it would arguably be Conrad(h)) and it got me thinking.

If Balion were to ever appear in the games, or for the lore surrounding it to be further fleshed out, then I wonder how that would mesh with the Battanians. The Battanians are inspired by and make many references to Insular Celts (Britain and Ireland) with a minority of influence from other Celtic sources.

Albion is an ancient name for Britain, which would imply Celtic. Balion then I would assume to represent Celtic Britain, however the culture of Celtic Britain and Ireland is already represented by the Battanians, whom are said to be the original inhabitants of the Calradic continent.

It's interesting to note that the territory that the Battanians occupy in the game is, relative to the other cultures and their influences, where one would expect to find the Germanic and Gallic tribes of continental Europe.

So, would Balion represent the Germanic tribes instead? Or a later cultural stage of Britain (i.e Fuedal)?

We also see the Vlandians (whom may be from Balion?) are somewhat representative of the feudal era English (names and toponyms), French and Germans (cultural influences and location on Calradia) so it makes me wonder who would occupy Balion and what it's situation would be.

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If the Vlandians are indeed from Balion, then it could follow that the island(s) represent a later medieval era of Britain. Or, if we consider the fictionalised interpretation of Eurasia and North Africa that Calradia represents and that the Battanians occupy what would generally be the Germanic and Gallic regions of Europe; Balion may be occupied by Germanic and Gallic cultures as a sort of reverse of historical reality.

Saying that however, we are never told how the Battanians arrived in Calradia and it's possible they infact are also from Balion. This would actually gel quite well with real history as the Britons colonised Britanny and Britonia (Northern France and Northern Iberia respectively) around the same era of cultural development that the Battanians represent. Normandy may also have been invaded/colonised by Britons.

The Parisii tribe of France (whom gave their name to Paris) are also hypothesised to potentially be of British origin and related to the Parisii tribe of Britain. Another possible case of colonisation of the region by Britons.

So, in a twisted case of irony, the Battanians may have colonised Calradia before anyone else and then were later invaded by others from the same region (Vlandia). Or, the Battanians may have travelled from Calradia TO Balion and those that are still on the continent represent those that stayed, while the Vlandians represent the descendants of the original settlers of Balion.

This also has historical precedent as Normandy(potentially) and Brittany were, as mentioned, colonised and settled by British tribes earlier on in history, then famously invaded England in 1066.

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I realise I'm basically rambling and it may seem irrelevant to many, but I found the possible connections interesting and wanted to share my thoughts.


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