Mount & Blade 2

Making sweet denairs

How are you able to make cash that supports your war hungry lifestyle? I sell javelins which ya know works but I screw up the global economy because I gotta pay my bills. I set up shops but they slowly quit making cash which I’m sure that’s on my end but I visit these shops and they don’t really tell me anything. I was messing around and wanted to see how well a caravan would work and well I sent my best fighting companion and idk how to get her back in my squad.

I plan on doing a new play through eventually but since this is my first play through, I wanted to see what I could do now so on my next play through things will run a bit better.

I don’t mind selling a javelin here or there for some quick cash but there has to be something better right? Losing about 5-6k daily starts to add up quick even with $500k and I don’t even have a crazy amount of troops.

I do store troops 3 and above in my castle and towns so that could be an issue that I’m not using the cheap army at castles and my good army in my town. But idk I don’t want to lose any property of course.

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I only own two castles and a town. I have roughly 500-600 men per property and I want my town to be around the high 800 to 1000 but ya know shit gets expensive.

So any tips on cash would be solid. I need a decent army since my property is ortysia, which is right by the land bridge connecting to the aserai territory so I’m always being raided.



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