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Maritime Trade & The Importance of The Seas in Bannerlord

Content of the article: "Maritime Trade & The Importance of The Seas in Bannerlord"

Before I begin, I know that at some point developers will add maritime features to the game, but for me and most people there should have been a maritime update up to this point. Early access is nearly a year old and there is not even an embarking feature or travelling by sea. But I believe there are some basic maritime features that can be added to the game.

Travelling by Sea and Maritime Trade

– We could visit a town and hire a ship to travel.

– Ship’s cost could be determined by the size of your party and how much cargo do you carry along.

– We could get off the ship anywhere along the cost or in a port town.

– Port towns’ prosperity and tax to the owner could be determined by how many trading ships visit that town.

Naval Battles and Pirates.

– There are some islands in the map and some of them could host pirate hideouts like bandit hideouts in the land.

– Trading ships can be looted by bandits but as for the beginning those battles could all be simulated battles.

– While inland seas could host smaller pirate parties, open seas could host larger parties and many more pirate ships.

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Strategic Castles on Some Straits

– Between Aserai and Western Empire there is a crossing which is very similar to the Strait of Gibraltar. And on this strait a castle could be added and whenever a ship wants to cross, it has to pay passage fee. There are few straits more in the game that this method can be applied.

To sum up, for me and most of the people in the forums, maritime trade and travelling by sea has more importance than the enhancing the mediocre siege IA in the game. I don’t really know how the stuff works but I believe that the main reason why they did not add these features to the game up to this point is the fact that maritime battles are so hard to do. But I believe most people prefer the simulated battles over not having maritime features at all.


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