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Marriage system can be infuriating at times

Content of the article: "Marriage system can be infuriating at times"

So I'm close to marrying a noble lady called Svana, and every box I try on the last stage of the dialogue seems to fail, despite being 80-81%. So instead I reload again and go for that option that says you're going to convince her family. I go to Gordun (her father) makes sense so far, am I right?

I go to him on the others side of Calradia and he has no bloody idea what's going on. No dialogue option, nothing. I can only offer my brothers hand for Svana, which I considered as a last resort but I was keen not to give up just yet. I go back to Svana and I can't impress her, only ask her for a second chance. Really? Saying you're going to convince her family FAILS your attempt? Can we at least know that beforehand? All this build-up I made just to be misled so easily by a vague ridiculous piece of dialogue?

And it was at this point that I hadn't saved in ages so if I reloaded I would have lost a lot of progress otherwise, but I am fuming at the lack of detail. Why isn't there any discussion about implementing an in-game option that lets you talk to the family to boost your score to marry?

At this point I say whatever, I still have my bro so its time to wed him to Svana because the mechanics and dialogue here are clearly too screwed for my patience (based on my character). Go to Svana, no mention of wedding my brother, that's fine. So I go to Gordun (father) and get the wed dialogue going, and he says introduce yourself. Introduce myself, me? not my brother? And I've already met Svana many times, and this is where everything comes to a halt. I've spoken to my brother and I can't talk to him about Svana or any wed now. Svana says nothing, I can't reattempt to gain as a wife. This is honestly disappointing and it tests my patience, I'm just hoping in the future my brother doesn't show up in the trading screen when I want marry someone else. That would be the last straw, I'm going to rest now.

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