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Mod Creation Questions

Is there any good M&B Bannerlord mods for 1.7.0 or 1.7.1? I checked around and couldn't find any real good ones.

And if possible would it be possible to create a new mod containing features as in. (BTW I am not experienced in modding this game so some of this could be complete rubbish.

-Easier ways to hire Clan mercs, and able to give them diverse directions including assaulting settlements and sticking to groups.

-Grant fiefs to clan members possibly requiring to start a new clan for them or maybe something of the sort obviously there may be limitations on creating clans out of thin air in this game.

-Alliances, Trade agreements, non-aggression pacts like they had in Warband.

-Being able to hire patrols for certain locations, or points of interest for defense or to curb banditry in the area. (Obviously you have lords but they aren't reliable.)

-Building add-ons directly to villages i.e. production increases, defense increases. (obviously with more indepth upgrades.

-Being able to literally contribute or invest to the wealth of a town, castle, or village you'd like to help manage or grow while also being able to gain favor with the owning liege or maybe the notables in the settlement.

-Being able to have Clan parties follow or accompany you rather than having to build an army every time, while yes armies have this same function being able to do this without having to use influence on them directly would be nice, even if I do still have to pay the influence to start an army.

-Changing cultures of settlements, either instantly or overtime perhaps about a year after conquering depending on the culture of the ruling lord of said primary settlement, or by choice the ruling clan.

Other things I have questions about not relating to diplomacy that may also go into mods.

-More diverse quests, i.e. quest boards(This may include adding new types of parties and character models for new encounters most likely bears, wolves, poaching animals yourself, and a variety of other tasks that I cannot think of at the moment.), tavern fights, different mini-games, assassinations(doesn't necessarily have to be a noble, could be an individual with a notable status, or just a person.) and this is about the tip of what I am thinking of.

-Better balance with the trading system, arena system. (I.E: I shouldn't have to make two-handed swords that sell for over 30k each to support my current army of 200, and country, obviously there are other ways for money but they still aren't as good as spending 1000 gold on hardwood, and pugios and smelting them down for a free 28k profit or more; for Arenas you should still be able to get rewards but the way it skews the money decrease in betting I feel is unnecessary and should be changed)

Now obviously this is just all off the top of my head but would people be able to create mods that would have content like this? Obviously they have finally released the Mod creation tool for bannerlord, but after looking through it, it looked more like map development than individual modules, obviously it was quite a fast look through it but I didn't see anything to catch my eye in it.


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