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Mod Ideas: Epic Sieges, Defend the Homeland, and Army Logistics

Hello again everyone! I hope everyone is having a good time uniting Calradia under their own banner. I wanted to put some mod ideas on the table and get some feedback about what you guys think about them and if you have anything you’d like to add.

Army Logistics

To be quite honest I feel like the army system in Bannerlord is very bare bones. You build up a massive army, walk a day or two, take a castle or town then it disbands… I think we could do better. So here are some of my ideas.

Strong Leader/Longer Lasting Armies – A strong leader and general can bring men together, have them work towards a common goal, and exert their strength for months or even years. Just look at Alexander The Great; he conquered his way across half of the known world and kept much of his army intact. So how come in Bannerlord your army quickly dissipates after a week or two? In my head the armies should be able to last much longer depending on the general. In addition to this army cohesion should be affected by victories, the health of the supply lines (will talk about below) and ultimately how much effort the general puts in to make sure his soldiers are cared for.

Supply Lines/Forward Operating Bases – So how would you support an army that lasts months? In real life armies set up supply lines. Depending on the distance the army travels these become exponentially harder to defend. So in Bannerlord I think it would be a fun mod idea to implement supply lines that bring your men food and maybe even more importantly more recruits. These can be set up by generals using lords, caravans, or companions to bring supplies and fresh troops in. The next idea related to this is forward operation bases. Large armies that potentially stay together for months should be able to set up FOB’s to recuperate, train new troops, and make plans for their next assault. The bases should be able to be set up out in the open or in villages. These bases should be able to make basic upgrades and be defended by a lord. It will provide a fallback point for armies in retreat.

Epic Sieges

To be brutally honest, sieges at this point have become very repetitive for me. Normally you just throw hundreds of men against the walls until you take it by brute force. After enemies retreat that is it. I think there is much more to be desired. If you look at real history sieges are bloody struggles involving thousands of men, siege weapons, and will sometimes take years and years. So I think the siege mechanics need to be beefed up.

Morale Loss – Sieges should rely more heavily on morale loss, cutting off supply lines, subterfuge, and burning the city. This will add a much, much more strategic lining to the fairly simple siege system. As I said before, right now you just throw hundreds of men against the walls. What if for morale loss you could execute captured prisoners in front of the walls for the whole castle or town to see? Or begin to catapult dead bodies over the walls? Is it morbid? Absolutely. But this war we’re talking about, we must do anything within our power to win it. I also think there needs to be more emphasis on cutting off supply lines. Simply have lords patrol around the siege camp to catch or scare off any villagers or caravans. This should have more effect on the town. After several weeks of blockades and no supplies the city will be brought to its knees with many of its citizens starving. Moving on I think there should be a subterfuge system. This should involve several options. First off you should be able to break in and attempt a prison break which would have the enemy fighting on two fronts. In addition, there should be an option to organize a revolt during the invasion (if you are fighting to retake a homeland town or castle: this will be talked about below), and even an option to destroy defense weapons or food supplies inside the town or castle. These things will demoralize the enemy making them a much easier target.

Epic Sieges – As I previously stated, sieges would sometimes last years (sometimes over a decade) in real life and I think some of this longevity should be reflected in bannerlord. This can be done in two ways. First off, I think there should be stronghold towns deep within an empires homeland. These strongholds would have more than one massive wall protecting it. Think Ba Sing Se from the Avatar series. To take these towns you would need to launch an attack on the outer wall then set up another siege camp to attack the inner wall. This will allow defenders to fall back and regroup to prepare for the next assault. These long sieges would be of epic proportions and in my head I imagine these taking 1500-2000 men to complete successfully. Secondly, I think that all siege battles should have multiple stages. Defenders of a town or castle would most likely set up several defendable areas at key chokepoints around the town or castle. Here is how this would work; after breaking through the walls and smashing the outer line of defense the defenders who retreat should take up positions at choke points and easily defendable areas. Imagine finally breaking through the wall and then having to battle your way through the streets. It is a bloody battle with archers firing down on you from all sides and the last remnants of the defenders fighting until the end in every alleyway. The citizens of the town fee that you are invaders and the peasants and the militias fight viciously trying to defend their homes. Finally you’re able to break through and rout the last of the enemies. You and your bloodied men make their way to the keep to destroy the last defenders who staggered their way inside.

Defend the Homeland

Ever wonder why when you take over a town or village the people their immediately accept you as their lord instead of looking at it like subjugation? I think there should be a few things done to keep the invasion mechanic fresh and interesting.

Homeland Defense – Towns that start out with a nation should feel a deep loyalty to that nation. These people wouldn’t want to be subjugated and are willing to defend their home from invasion, or take it back if they are currently being subjugated. I will explain my idea from two perspectives.

Invader – You’re an invader, which you know will make it extremely difficult to win the loyalty of those you subjugate. Even if you’re able to win a long and hard fought siege there will be resistance that begins to pop up throughout the fief. My idea is that a new notable will pop up in the town you conquered. This notable would be the former militia leader and he/she wants to take back the fief for their original kingdom. This militia leader would cause trouble for the new garrison, maybe even successfully assassinating some of your troops. They also attempt to sabotage your new fief and capture the governor. Getting rid of the resistance would be similar to attacking a hideout. You would need to take a few men in to try and destroy their base and the resistance. Finally, if the enemy returns to try and take back your castle or town you can be sure that the citizens would welcome it. You would need to stay on your toes to quell any rebellions or prison breaks that could hurt your ability to defend.

Defender – When defending in your homeland it would work much like it does above but with the roles flipped. When defending your militia will grow and loyal peasants will fight alongside your men in the streets; doing anything to defend their way of life.

Defend the Homeland would aim to make the loyalty of the people more realistic. As well as make sieges more monumental tasks for the invader.

I’m finishing this up, my hands are tired from typing and I think I’m ready to go take some castles. If you read all the way through this thank you so much and let me know what you think down below; especially if you have anything to add or any ideas.


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