Mount & Blade 2

MODDERS and DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ: An idea on how to make the troop groups split into smaller specialized groups to better approach enemy unit types. (mod idea/game implementation idea)

Alright so the idea is to give you the ability to put all infantry, ranged, cavalry and mounted ranged units in their own catagory, with the ability to select for example spearmen as a sub-infantry-group, by pressing 1 you will select the whole of your infantry but then after that pressing either 1 for spearmen 2 for swordsmen 3 for twohanded wielding infantry and 4 for skirmishers deselects all the other infantry but the sub catagory you selected. This can be done to select 2 for ranged and then after that 1 for archers and 2 for crossbowmen. 3 for the whole cavalry unit and then 1 for light cavalry 2 for medium cavalry and 3 for heavy cavalry. 4 for all mounted ranged units and then 1 for horse archers and 2 for mounted skirmishers. You character/the commander would then only shout either the name of the whole group (for example infantry) or the sub group (for example spearmen) when an order to do something (for example to charge, retreat, seize firing etc.) so as not to scream all the sub groups if you pressed the wrong number by mistake. For visuals you would see the whole unit group when selecting them and the sub groups under them with a smaller image of the weapons they use. It would make the commander aspect of the game (which is very important) a lot deeper and more intuitive. Another thing is that in spearmen and twohanded wielding units the f4 command to seize firing shold be replaced with brace so that spearmen can hold off a cavalry charge. The last thing i would like to see is to tell a group to confront a certain enemy group for example that my light cavalry attacks the enemy mounted ranged units and that my medium cavalry would attack the enemy ranged units and that my swordsmen or spearmen confront the enemy swordsmen or spearmen. This would be done by a new command f8 that you select for your selected group and for my swordsmen to confront the enemys swordsmen i would press f1 (for infantry) f1 again for swordsmen. For this as a whole to become reality someone would either need to make a mod that regroups every existing unit in the basegame manually so that the player doesn't need to do it themselves as soon as they acquire a certain troop, and also because it is needed for targeting of enemy subgroups. I really hope someone will take this idea up as either a mod or a game implementation by the developers (they have been listening to the community thus far so i'm hopeful)

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