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Modding tools, disappointed

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I've been hyped for modding tools for quite a while now, and now that they're finally out I'm pretty disappointed, for the only reason that I cannot change native items like was possible in Warband.

I wanted to be able to easily open up the asset editor, and simply change textures, materials, or models, but I cannot due to not being allowed to edit "protected" things, which is a serious shame.

I do not have the technical knowhow to make a module, fiddle with folders, files, sources and all that complicated stuff, I suppose I can somewhat understand that they do not allow the native assets to be modified due to updates and maybe wanting to not allow their models to be exported, but it is still very frustrating for me that I have to basically jump through some very complicated hoops to change something incredibly simple.

If anyone is wondering exactly what I wanted to do, I've been waiting for modding tools to be released for a long time as I wanted to make the arrow and bolt projectiles more visible by coloring them bright red, maybe making the models a bit bigger as well, or maybe looking into making a new type of tracer to give to projectiles somehow, the former looks incredibly simple to do, just change the "flying_arrow" material to have its main texture one called "plain_red" but due to not being able to edit native items I cannot do it, I also cannot replace the arrow_bl_flying texture with another one as I have already tried what the documentation suggested to the best of my understanding.

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I hope that they change this someday soon, or that someone will make their own modding tools based on this somehow that allows the native assets to be changed, maybe I'll be able to do it if and when someone releases a simple mod on the Nexus that changes something similar that I could work off of somehow and use to learn.

Apologies for being somewhat "ranty" or whatever, I just wanted to vent my frustration somewhere.


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