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My detailed 1.5.8 working mod list so look here for mod ideas if you need some

Because I keep seeing people ask for a mod list 1-4 times every single day I figured I would update my own here for people to see and give them ideas. Its important to note that I am NOT posting the base mods that some of these may require or telling you which ones have compatibility patches to work with each other so you will need to read each mods pages yourself.

I will try to place those I believe to be the best mods to the top in terms of their adding to the gameplay and improve the gaming experience.

Calradia At War (Custom Spawns) adds a ton of life to game world. More bandit types, Mercs and lesser clans to fight.

Calradia Expanded. Adds 14+ towns, 8 Castles, 77+ villages moving many of them to better locations and improving the map with roads and new map icons to make it more realistic. Recently added SHIPS and an island city and plans to add far more in the future…yes you can have sea battles but it places you in a swamp for right now. This one WILL conflict with any other mod that adds/moves cities/castles/villages.

More Settlement Actions. This one adds a ton of new play options in towns/villages. You can build houses, clear land to increase prosperity, you can patrol the town to increase security, village has hardwood? Go chop some trees. Own a shop in town? Go work in the shop and make that product. All actions give XP towards varying skills and some pay money. This mod adds a great way to build a character early game that does not have to do with fighting and adds a ton of RPing elements like being a lowly worker, shop keeper and many other ways…

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Diplomacy. Adds more ways to run your kingdom like forming alliances, granting/claiming fiefs, sending messengers (helps greatly with first quest to speak to leaders) and other options as well.

Detailed Character Creation. Because, more character sliders and a way to edit every single character in the encyclopedia is why!

StayingAlive. Because TW making Deaths and Child Births the same option was a massively dumb move, so this one makes so you and companions never die, or have a reduced chance of death. Options range from 12% to 95% reduced chance, or no chance to die.

Bannerlord Overhaul. Adds a BUNCH of armor, weapons and other items along with a much improved troop tree for factions.

Chaotic Calradia -Bandit Lord. Another mod to add more life to the map with more minor factions to fight.

Lord From Family. May not be needed in upcoming patches but for now it is. Allows you to make family members and companions into their own clans in your kingdom.

More Spouses. Allows you to have more than one wife and adds a bunch of birthing options including a way to just click a button to get a wife pregnant to get around the pregnancy bug.

Character Reloaded. Allows you to edit the stats/traits of any character.

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Righteous Executions. Allows you to execute without penalty.

Craft Armor. Its basic and limited but damnit, finally can craft SOME armor!

Freelancer. Recently released and still heavily a WIP…allows you to join a lords army as a soldier. Kill to earn higher ranks in the army just like the original Freelance in Warband but does not have all the options yet.

Cultured Start. Adds options to starting a new game as well as being able to skip one or all of the starting quests with a sandbox mode(wont be needed after next major update). If you use a mod that adds a new culture, you can use this mod to start in it. Also adds ability to start as a vassel, your own kingdom with 1 city or start as head of an established kingdom.

Salty's Lordsmod. Adds more clans/minor factions to kingdoms

Valkyrie kingdom, armor, body. These three go together. Adds a Valkyrie faction. if you are using the above Calradia Expanded mod, make sure you grab the version of this one that using EXSISTING locations and not the one that adds new ones.

Changing Culture. Allows for slow or instant change of culture to towns/castles that are conquered.

Kill Bandits Raise Relations. Because, killing bandits should raise relations…

Bannerlord Cheats. Well, the title should tell you what you need to know. Has a few options to help with a few game limitations…try not to abuse it if you use it. I personally only use an increase to carry capacity, and a slight increase to city/castle daily food bonus because the idea being rich = less food is moronic as hell…

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Other minorish mods I will just link to without descriptions.

All of these work together…please READ each mods pages to make sure you pick up any other mods required for them to work AND to learn any load order requirements.


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