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My honest opinion on the state of bannerlord vanilla/modded (rant)

Content of the article: "My honest opinion on the state of bannerlord vanilla/modded (rant)"

To start off I'll be honest I was a hacker fro this game and I will admit I was so incredibly hyped and excited for the years it took for this game to come out from first hearing about the game to it's first gameplay trailer I was ecstatic, however after putting in 93 hours as of writing this I wish I could get my money back truly, there isn't anything enjoyable about the game quite frankly after the first few hours but I trudged on through the ungodly vanilla experience until I got a true kingdom started of my own which took 21 hours on a single playthrough which ended up getting corrupted and being unusable anyways frankly I was beyond pissed off. So I decided to attempt modded which probably lasted me maybe 50ish hours and more than half of that felt like trying to sort out all the incredibly fucking infuriating issues that comes with upon setting up all the basics harmony,butterlib etc setting up all the proper dependencies and setting up a modded playthrough I realized that half the time the mods deactivate or have issues and even break and refuse to work even while running through the paces of vortex and triple checking the load orders only to once again have any modded game which is using only 1.5.5 ready mods promptly refuses to work, the game won't even get passed the start up screen half the time I try a modded playthrough again even after making sure every dependency is in order still, finally today I caved and reinstalled the game and after 6 hours of waiting and sorting and redownloading mods to curb the horrible vanilla experience it fucking works holy fucking shit it works… Only for the game to refuse to let me save and giving zero log issue data to explain why, I searched up the issue and nothing I tried worked. This game to me anyways is a half polished turd I actually resent spending money on, I felt ripped off once getting the game finally just like most players felt when they got cyberpunk for the first time. Sure it all looks great and amazing till you get your hands on it and thanks to steam only truly realize how dogshit it is hours past the refund period as you're still in awe at the new hopefully shiny gem of a game you just bought only to get 12 hours in realizing all the issues that outweigh what the game provides as fun. As of writing this bannerlord is not permanently removed from my steam account non-refundable as I wish I'd been able to do at the 12 hour mark, the multiplayer is a generally un-fun mess of zero communication, dead lobbies and generally one sided battles as any and all tactics go out the window unless it's got a bow or shield walls that'd make even ragnar scared, the single player vanilla campaign is nothing more than being a kings bitch long enough to make some money only to buy a dogshit workshop that half assed produces enough cash to help even cut a corner off all costs and expenses, oh not to mention upon obtaining the dragon banner bannerlord becomes nothing more than a waiting game for some poor kingdom to get their shit rocked by the RNG war declaration system, only to then take said castle and immediately get labeled usurper and banished back into peasant-hood by a king deciding your pitiful battalion is worth throwing a 1000 man strong all vassals included army at you, the modded experience is 25% downloading 50% watching bannerlord mods have a shit fit refusing to work or crash the game 10% is watching the core game cause more issues trying to load than coding should even allowed and then the last 15% is actually playing the damn game only for something to break and reset your progress back to ground zero or oh hello "the application faced a problem" fuck you too! All in all bannerlord is a waste of time and money and personally should've been pushed back another 2 years so the devs could finish polishing the ball of shit they call a game, anyways I will never buy another game from them let alone bother hoping for any future fixes or updates, this is just my honest thoughts and opinion and I already know I'll be temp banned from posting or banned from this reddit etc and honestly I don't care, thank you bannerlord for the waste of time and frustration

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