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My Thoughts on Light Infantry

Content of the article: "My Thoughts on Light Infantry"

These are just some of my thoughts on how light infantry could be implemented into Bannerlord. Overall I want Bannerlord to become the most diverse and troop rich game it can be, and I think this would go a long way to making combat more dynamic and more interesting.

If anyone takes the time to reply Thanks in Advance. I would love to discuss my ideas.

What is light Infantry? :

To me light infantry are faster troops, who use lesser armours and higher damage to win the day. They use flanking and overall coordination to achieve victory instead of the basic, upgrade until your heavy enough to beat anything, strategy most people employ now.

What is Light Cavalry? :

Light Cavalry is very fast agile cavalry which should have high bonuses to charge (including horse damage), and impact on attacks when hitting enemies at certain speeds. Light cavalry should be very easily killed, and as implied wear very little armour, that includes the horses as well.

Heavy Armour:

To implement light infantry, first Heavy armour needs to have advantages and disadvantages. As of now, light infantry in my mind, is classified as the first, second or somtimes third tier of the troop tree. These units posses no unique abilities compared to heavier units. They are simply weaker than those troops of a higher tier.

Armour needs to be heavy, in terms of weight. It should drag units down, make water combat more difficult, swing speed should be effected and of course athletic skill should be decreased. These units should not be able to disengage the fight without serious consequences.

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Implementation can happen in a variety of ways. First is an Entirely new Troop lines, dedicated to light infantry and cavalry.

Second could be a single new tier 5 or 6 unit that forces the player to choose from a heavy utroop or a light troop. Example: Battania might have to choose between a fast firing, archer unit with light armour, or a Fian.

Finally and the easiest to implement a specialty unit that do not upgrade. A single unit, that posses the traits of the Lighter units.


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