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Hey, Taleworlds! If you're reading this:

For the love of god, please nerf these horsefucking bastards! Every single game I start these guys completely stomp the Northern Empire and then steamroll all the way through half the continent with nothing anyone can do to stop them. At this point I feel like my only way to make any headway in my games is to join the khuzait horde and intentionally lead their lords into traps.

This problem has so many components and so many failures of this game's macro and micro functions I honestly don't know where to begin. So I guess I'll start with what every playthrough starts with: Recruiting.

Holy shit, the Khuzait troop tree is wholly unbalanced compared to the Empire. These guys get access to cavalry at tier 2, and then get dedicated lancers and horse archer by tier 3 of the common line!? The Imperial infantry and archers can't do shit in the autobattles, or in the field. Lords I try to help will just suicide their infantrymen and trained archers into the charging cavalry positions while I sit back trying to flank their cavalry with my Infantry! (It's fucking impossible).

This wouldn't be a problem if the Empire had decent cavalry earlier on, but their horse archers are at tier 5! Which none of the NPC nobles can ever get to because of the Khuzaits steamrolling all their settlements, stomping on their armies and raiding the fuck out of their villages. So no Imperial force can muster with enough high tier troops to beat the Khuzaits back, and those that do get scrounged together are made up of recruits who act as nothing more but XP feeders to the already obese Khuzait army. By the time I actually get a decent force together, I'm fighting an armies' tier 4 lancers and Horse Archers that blow through my formations without a care in the world.

The autocalc overvalues cavalry, and does nothing to units that are meant to counter cavalry! Menavliatons and Sturgian Shock Troops have no discernible boost in effectiveness against Cavalry forces in autocalcs, and in actual battles where the lack of shields make them easy as hell to Charge through. I question why you added them at all. They all get massacred in seconds even with massive Shield Infantry support and don't have the damage output that warrants this glass cannon approach.

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These guys can also outspend the fuck out of every single Empire once they get their first city, and then move from settlement to settlement in less than a week because of their mobile cavalry forces. And with the aforementioned problems, they can continue to stomp every army that rises against them.

Sieges with Khuzaits are never as costly as they should be. They're horse nomads, not engineers. Their sieges should primarily revolve around starving out the garrison and forcing compliance through attrition. But I've seen them conquer 3 Cities in less than 2 weeks, and then start 2 other wars and still manage to make incredible gains against both.

I have no idea why this happens. I can only assume that the autocalc is giving the same buffs to dismounted cavalry units in sieges, and that Infantry/Archer units are not afforded anything in return. Leading to hard Khuzait steamrolls, as more settlements means more recruits and more money, and bigger armies and bigger sieges. .

There is also the problem of recovery. They get access to all these amazing Horse Archers, and Cavalry lancers at tier 3. Let's say that you manage to kick the shit out of a Khuzait army, do you actively cripple their entire war effort and give you faction some breathing room? Nah. In fact they'll come back with an army of Units at the same level of yours since their armies steamroll and recruiters will have queues of Heavy Horse Archers and Lancers. And this happens almost instantly, meaning that you'll never be able to stem the tide of Khuzaits without employing robespierre's razor or utterly stomping their armies again and again in a uphill battle.

So… There are multiple things you can do to fix this:

  1. Get rid of the Khuzait raider and rework the Troop tree like this:

Hunter Spearman
Archer Trained Archer Trained Spearman
Mounted Archer Marksman Spear Infantry Lancer

I got rid of the Darkhan because the Cavalry dominance is so prevalent in the autocalculations the Khuzaits don't need an Infantryman with anything near as high proficiencies as Legionaries or with armor as good (seriously. WHY DO THE DARKHAN HAVE ARMOR JUST AS GOOD AS IMPERIAL LEGIONARIES!?! WERE YOU GETTING HEAD FROM GENGHIS KHAN'S GHOST WHEN YOU CODED THIS??). The proposed Spear Infantryman is more a hybrid between the Darkhan and the lower tier. His armor should definitely be defbuffed, and his proficiency should lie in the 110 120 group. The Cavalry is the offensive wing of their army, and is already incredibly dominant against other factions who cannot contest the space. It doesn't matter if they have a vanguard of Druzhniks or Cataphracts, there is no way for them to stop the overwhelming number of cav.

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2) Encourage factions to field diverse armies when in peacetime by prioritizing the AI to seek out cavalry to supplement Infantry and Archers, and cavalry forces to seek more powerful infantry in the border nations. They should prioritize their own culture, but having a few Vlandian knights to supplement Battanian cavalry and a few Sturgian shocktroops to support Vlandian infantryman would make encounters less about which faction spams the mot cav for autocalcs, and make battles more interesting to fight, since Lords will try and supplement their faction's weaknesses. There will still be a dominant combat doctrine but there will also be more diffusion in cultures and combat (just as the Byzantines employed varangians and turks, we should see the same here)

3) Debuff Khuzaits during sieges/Make Cavalry units more in line with traditional Infantry and archers in the autocalc.

4) You could also give the defenders a hidden buff if the fief is of the same culture as the faction holding it.

Sturgian garrisons get a buff sturgian cities, Aserai to Aserai etc. This would make it harder for a army to bounce between settlements in a week. This would also make the Empire Civil War feel more like a Civil War, where their settlements are constantly changing borders and

5) Make sieges and large battles take a chunk out of army cohesion. It would make sustained offensives more costly for the attackers, and help losing factions try and mitigate some losses. And it makes sense too, marauding armies cut off from local support will have a harder time sustaining themselves. In this scenario, Lords are more quick to exhaustion and say, "fuck this, we're leaving" when they are constantly getting into engagement after engagement.

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This would also allow factions to slowly lose momentum in enemy territory if the defenders can whittle them down piece by piece.

6) Horses/Cavalry units add a small increase/multiplier to food consumed. Since horses are incredibly hard to manage and maintain, even for modern people, fielding large armies of cavalry should require much wealthier states to field.

7) Decrease the amount of Khuzait Lords.

8) Make it so when a faction becomes too powerful too quickly (taking 3 towns in 1 war *wink wink*), other factions are more likely to declare war against them.

9) Give Spear and Shock Infantry a buff against Cavalry in autocalcs.

Please TW, save us from Not-Genghis Khan!

I have come for your Lands and supple boypussy







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