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Non-existing balance in the Bannerlord multiplayer and another problems

Content of the article: "Non-existing balance in the Bannerlord multiplayer and another problems"

1. Overpowered cavalry (especially imperial and khuzait)

First problem is that cavalry is too cheap, everyone can afford that class in a few kills. Second problem is horse impact to infantry. Yes, it is realistic, but breaks whole infantry gameplay, horse kicks so much, that recovering time is very high and you are just dying from your enemies when laying on the ground. In Warband this impact was not so big, people have not flied for 5 meters πŸ™‚ Although, horses inflict ridiculously big damage to infantry, but when you are trying to hit full armour cataphract, your damege will be ridiculously small. Third problem is that cataphracts are literally invicible and have the longest lance in game and khuzait lancer have glaive which is OP to another sorts of weapons (later about that). Cav in another factions have no chance against them.

2. Underpowered weapons

Time To Kill of Bannerlord is much, much higher than in Warband. Bardiche and two-handed axes cannot one-hit anymore, but, SURPRISE, they have like 2x longer time to swing that menavle, which has much better damage and is much longer. Sorry, but this is bullshit, when berdiche is killing with 2-3 hits. Moreover, berdiche, like any other weapon is stopped by players model, it is not coming through it, like in Warband. There is no impact for weapons on armored players you hit, theres no reaction for it. When you use big hammer, you cannot take down them on the ground, like in Warband. One-handed weapons are useless against better armour than just bunch of light clothes.

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Bows are useless. Arrows velocity is too slow, and they are dropping really quickly. HEADSHOTS DONT KILL PEOPLE IN A SINGLE SHOT, WHY?? Bows kill people in 3-4 shots, that is not just normal. Crossbows are useless, because they dont have more damage to compensate bow spam.

3. Animations

Animations are too slow, if we will compare them to warband animations, they are ruining whole dynamics of the game. Movement became also really slow, thats one of the reasons, why cavalry is the only meta in game.

4. Custom maps, custom servers and new gamemodes

Where are these things??

5. No FashionBlade in TDM

Why you have cancelled the system, that was in Warband where we could take the equipment we earned or wanted to take. That was really fun to fight without armour with the weapon you wanted. I know, that this system is not good in Skirmish or Captain mode for example, but it MUST be in TDM.



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