Mount & Blade 2

Overhaul mod idea: Battle for hell

ok so, this is litterally a showerthought mod idea, I am NOT a developer, I have no idea where I'd even begin, I'm just putting this idea out there, seeing what people think.

So, the battle for hell, as you can imagine, it's based in hell (duh) and you are but one of the billions of lost, tormented souls who dwell in this accursed prison, but at the start of the game, a rumor has been circulating, one that Lucifer has become weak, that he has lost control of his legions, and that his throne will soon be up for grabs.

Brotherhoods and alliances of demons are formed, creating clans, the lost souls are enslaved, conscripted or join up on their own to fight in the coming battle, hoping to secure a better place for themselves in hell under a potential change in management.

The units you can recruit are seperated into different areas of the map much like nations, but instead of formal nations, they are the circles of hell made up of different kinds of sinners. the gluttons, the sloths, the lustful, the wrathful etc… and each different sinner type has a different upgrade tree. and as they upgrade, around the 5th or 6th tier, they can become full demons, but when you first recruit them, they look more like flayed corpses weilding rusty blades or carrying stone clubs.

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Over several years into the campaign, the map changes, the initial play area composes maybe 70% of the map, with access to all circles, but after awhile, as one or a couple factions grow powerful over the rest or even wipe them out, a new area of the map opens up, this area is automatically hostile to all other factions, these are the original demons, the angels that fell alongside lucifer, and they are spilling forth to reassert his control, this new faction is 100% composed of elite demon units who can only be recruited via capturing them and having relevant perks required to turn them. while this new faction will be comparatively small, it will not be a simple thing to destroy them, and they are very capable of curbstomping any of the other factions.

after/if this new faction is defeated, the final area of the map will open up. composed of a single castle and a single army. this new castle is Lucifer's throne, he is the general, and his army, 5000 strong, is made up of only the highest tier units, they will come forth and destroy any settlement they take, and kill any general they capture, they will be like a force of nature, a lone army sweeping across the map wiping out castles and cities and even villages (of course they'll be called something else like "torment pits" or something like that} and after a village is raided, it is permenantly destroyed, same with castles and cities, they will occupy nothing, they consume zero food, their morale is always 100% and all units felled in previous battles will be wounded, not dead, meaning if you want to win the throne for yourself for your chosen lord, He must be defeated in a final, climactic, gruelling battle.

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i kinda envision this mod as being pretty much warhammer 40K levels of brutality and battles with the aesthetics of a death-metal album cover.


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