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Content of the article: "PATCH e.1.5.0 WORKING MODS"

The mods that I tested in 8hrs on patch e1.5.0.


I only tested them for starting the game, saving, loading the game, opening inventory, party tab, companion tab and auto calc attack & normal attack. So there might still be some issues with larger battles or some other stuff.

If anyone wants to go into detail testing with this information or add even more working mods for e1.5.0 onto the list, just msg me so I can add the given information.(Please only accurate information!)

THIS IS NOT THE LOAD ORDER!If someone could do the load order, would really appreciate it since I dont have any clue bout' that stuff.

These are mods which worked on my end, not responsible for anything you cause yourself!


Settlement Icons crashes ur game when u click on the settlement names and not on the city/village directly.It does its job, but just be aware of this!

The working mod's are:

Armor Does Something, Attribute Per Level, Auto Trader,

Banner Peasants 15M, BannerLib, Bannerlord Tweaks, Better Auto Calc, Better Exception Window,

Caravans Give Trade XP, Companion Respec, Complete Troop Overhaul, Custom Campaign Options, Custom Troop Upgrade And Replacer Mod,

Detailed Character Creation, Diplomancy Reworked, Distinguished Service, Dro's Lightning Improvement.

Experience Multiplier,

Fighting Together Relationship, Fix Persuasion, Fixed Launcher,

Hideout Send Troops, Horse Rebalance,

Improved Garrison, Item Fixer – Armor Items, Item Fixer – Ranged Items,

Kill Bandits,

Loot Everyone, Loot Lord, Loot Overhaul, Limit Children

Read:  Bannerlord Early Access - Mainline 1.5.1 & Beta Branch 1.5.2 Patch Notes

MB Fast Dialogue, Mod Configuartion Menu, ModLib,

Noble Nobles, Noble Troop,

Persuasion less brutal,

Raise Relations, Recruitable Party Screen Enchancements, Responsive Soldiers,

Save Missing Module Fix, Settlement Icons for latest, Sound The Alarm – Standalone,

True Prisoners, True Relations, True Noble Opinion

Unit Fixes,

Xorberax's Cut Through Everyone, Xorberax's Deadly Horse Charge,

zCultured Start

ty 4 sorting cptdino!


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