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Peasant rebellions

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You lead your battered army out of enemy territory back to little village far from harms way – when you attempt to recruit some sorely needed men – the village militia rises up and a new rebellion begins!

How this would work:

Basically every village in the game has a moral meter – this is affected primarily by raids, kingdom policies and the cost of food in the local towns

Once this meter goes below 20% or so, the chance they will rebel the next time a lord enters the village is set at X. The rebels rise up with their militia units, along with a number of looters defined by the number nearby.

If the lord defeats the rebels, the meter resets to 50% – BUT if the lord is beaten, he is taken prisoner and the village is marked as in rebellion.

This village begins spawning rebels parties, starting at 20 and getting progressively larger until they could reach around 100 militia and looters. Rebel armies would be big, but easy to kill when faced with a professional army

If other villages attached to the same castle/town have low moral (below 50%) , then there is an X% they will rebel in unit

Once there are 6 rebel armies in the field – the rebels will form an army with a randomly spawned leader character (Begor the Loud?)

This army will launch itself at the main town/castle. If it is a town, the besiegers will be supplemented by townsfolk should their moral be low enough also.

Should the rebels be victorious they may:

Read:  total noob to scripting so can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here?

*issue demands to revoke certain laws (if the King accepts, he will take a massive hit in influence – along with the influence needed to revoke the law)

*pledge alliegance to their mother culture (should they be occupied by another)

*form a free territory – The Free City of Pravend

I know there are similar mods – but I would like to see one with the mechanics above – I would love to hear your ideas – I love this game


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