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Pendor Royal Steed is the best mount

There are three main competitors for the best mount: the Noldor spirit horse, the demonic charger, and the pendor royal steed. Out of the three, I believe the Pendor Royal Steed is the best mount in Pendor. The stats of all three:

Noldor spirit horse: 70 armor, 50 speed, 36 maneuver, 35 charge, 190 hit points (riding 7)

Pendor royal steed: 90 armour, 39 speed, 35 maneuver, 48 charge, 250 hit points (riding 9)

Demonic charger: 90 armour, 39 speed, 35 maneuver, 42 charge, 500 hit points (riding 8)

In comparison to the Noldor Spirit Horse, the obvious aspect of the trade is excellent speed (+11 points) for longer staying power (+20 armor, +60 hit points). While the NSH would appear to be ideal for mounted archers, the PRS is taller than other horses (similar to the demonic charger). This allows you to angle head shots against mounted enemies even when your own cavalry is pressing close. In addition, I find that the NSH is often killed by a lance or repeated arrow hits, while the PRS survives a couched lance and can is rarely overcome in battle. In addition, the higher elevation means you are connecting with the heads of enemy knights when you make lateral swings, and rarely taking head hits yourself, which increases your own staying power while making you a more dangerous melee combatant.

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In comparison to the demonic charger, the horses are identical except you are trading the extra health (+250 hit points) for extra charging damage (+6 charging). While this may seem negligible, in my current play through I have knocked out over 900 enemies (with 8600 killed), because I often charge through archer lines. In field battles, the extra damage from charging is letting me defeat 5%-10% more enemies compared to my play with other mounts, and therefore getting that much more experience.

If you are using your qualis gems to boost your own stats (instead of companions, for CKO boosting), you should be getting 10 riding anyways so the skill points should not be a barrier.

While the demonic charger is a good substitute, it is such an uncommon drop (out of nearly 6 completed plays through Pendor, I have only acquired it once) that it is difficult to test the impact of the extra charging damage. That being said, over hundreds of battles with the PRS I have only been dismounted approximately 3 times (around 2%) – when I use the NSH, I find I am dismounted far more often (closer to 10%).

I have not included the Netherworld Charger because the Demonic Charger outclasses it in every way.



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