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Pendor Speedrun Attempt: World Conquest Day 235

After taking the scenic route through my past three Pendor playthroughs (1k+ days each), I decided to see how fast I could conquer all of Pendor. This is the result:

The Map.

Queen Speedia, as of taking every fief.

I didn't beat down the last Sarleon and Ravenstern lords yet, so they're still technically not dead, but every fief belongs to the Kingdom of Pendor.

I am pretty sure it's possible to conquer Pendor even faster, but I am pretty satisfied with my current result. The trick was to borrow other people's strength as much as possible, as well as a few other mechanics. I also savescummed a lot, especially early on, in soloing Vanskerries.

This was my strategy:

  1. Start off as a combat-orientated female. I chose the Griffon Letter, but that was probably a bad idea in speedrunning, even if the Griffons ended up being helpful later on (taking 'a challenging task' for free honor troops).
  2. Take the Rane qualis gem and use it on a str/agi/char elixir. (0-5 days)
  3. Solo Vanskerries with lance and bow until 1.2k renown. Bounty hunt for the Valkryies whilst at it, and get a merc contract to reset relations with factions. This is how I got to lvl 27. (~30 days)
  4. Take a merc contract with Sarleon, and propose to a good-natured male lord ASAP. Also fix relations with Ulric ASAP, and get some companions. Using your renown, tell lower renown lords to 'follow me' and beat up some enemy faction lords for more relations, until you can marry into Sarleon.
  5. Tell lower-relation lords to 'follow me' into sieging an enemy castle. Take it, tell them to hide in it, get awarded the castle, and trade it for Whitestag by the Noldor forest.
  6. Whilst still at war, drag lower-relation lords around and beat up enemy lords for +1/2 relation per fight. When not at war, feast like no tomorrow! Feasting at whitestag has the side benefit of being a Noldor trap, leading to massive honor gain upon releasing Noldor nobles. I got ~300 honor, ~600 renown, and ~300k dinars through this.
  7. When relations with all Sarleon lords were greater than 30 (by day 90, through feasting), plot Order 66. Lure a Noldor lord nearby, get most of the lords to fight the Noldor lord, take 'a challenging task' from a knighthood order to get an honor-troop army, talk to your husband to rebel, take out and capture any lords not fighting the Noldor lord, then help the Noldor lord against your old friends. In a single day, I captured and flipped ~10 of Sarleon's lords to my new faction, on day 95.
  8. When the first lords have something of an army, so your marshalled force is greater than 500-600 or so, siege and take Laria, then give Laria's fiefs to your lords – one each. Also clean up the rest of Sarleon's lords, by capturing and making them defect over. Between Laria and Marleons, most of my lords had fiefs. After taking all of Sarleon except Sarleon itself, I had spare fiefs – enfeoff Boadice, Roland, and Lethalderain, and probably Alastair too (I couldn't find Alastair in time). (Day 124)
  9. Feast to rebuild some relations, and more importantly to get everyone together and with armies at the ready.
  10. War with the Baccus, using autocalc and decent engineering to steamroll their fiefs, and picking off lone lords + making good lords defect (as long as you have good honor.) Prioritize good lords who you can give fiefs to. Crush the Baccus, and take all their good-natured lords. By this point, I had over 25 lords.
  11. Steamroll the map with your marshalled lords armies. Autocalc is better than real battles here, since force disparity leads directly into casualty disparities – if you have 2k troops and the enemy 500, in autocalc you might only take 100 casualties, to your enemy's total wipeout. Declare war, steamroll fiefs, kidnap good lords, rest to rebuild your marshalled forces occasionally.
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The biggest missed optimization in my run was not having engineering on my own character. Anyone have any ideas for ways to improve on this strategy?


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