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Perisno and Pendor, my opinion

I just played both. This is subjective. My guess is that everybody get something out of this game. My thing is roleplaying. Some people like min-maxing (choosing the best troops of each factions, exploiting the AI, etc). For example I only use the troops of the faction I start with + the Kingdom of Perisno/Pendor. This is gonna make a huge difference. Pendor is very bad for roleplaying in my opinion, and Perisno is awesome. I'll give some points:

– Map: Hands down Perisno. Tbh, going from Native to a smaller map is kinda disappointing. I played Pendor 1st and thought 'Well a big map is probably boring anyway, this way I stand a chance of conquering all of it and it's less empty'. Problem is, it feels like a courtyard. I started the game, joined ravenstern, 50 days in, they conquered 30% of the map, and they are at war with everybody. I already fought every faction already. There's no more discovering. In Pop , I didn't fight the Giants yet, Drahara, Valahir Clan, Reich des Drachen, and the Dwarves not even once yet. I am 450 days in and already started my own Kingdom (which is pretty developed). It's way more immersive, now again, I think it's because I care about roleplaying so much. It also has Factions with 1 castle or 1 city, Really cool if you want to join the underdog. Factions are not balanced, and I LOVE IT. It feels more real and more immersive. Realm of the falcon are broken, but that keeps me 'engaged' because I am not gonna steamroll the game yet. At this point in Pendor I was steamrolling every faction because they are 'balanced'. It became very boring once I created my own kingdom (Also the lack of Diplomacy).

– Armors look better in Pendor, but the mounts diversity in Perisno is not to be underestimated. Having a companion with wyvern, one with a bear, and one that has a fucking flaming sword, is really cool. Perisno has a crazy diversity, and I think they've come a long way from what I read.

– Diplomacy, if you think this is a small con, you're dead wrong. I didn't know how much value it added till I created a Kingdom in Perisno. A spymaster who tells you which castle is the least defend, LOVE IT, for roleplaying it's a huge + in the immersion. A Marshall who can hire mercenaries and armies (granted you can hire mercenaries in Pendor, but with the money issues and them being more or less a luxury, you gotta be crazy to hire them). Negotiating terms, asking for non-aggression treaties to make sure you're not gonna be at war in too many fronts. It just was missing from Pendor. You know you still want to take that castle but they offer you peace? You can ask for that castle in Perisno, and it might work. In Pendor, you can just accept/refuse.

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– Lastly, unique spawns. This is an area done way better in Pendor, but because of the prisoners train system, it might get tedious. Let me ask, do you like fighting alone or with your vassals ? I prefer fighting alone, in Pendor, unless you're in the very late game and with a full troops of CKO / KO mostly, soloing is not an option. If you're not Marshall, you can't control the troops of your allies, so it's a pretty huge mess, you're just outnumbering them in most cases, no strategy. It gets tedious, even though because of the Qualis Gem system, there is a bigger incentive to do them. I do like an army of 400/500 better.

The small things: Money, actually it's not a small thing but oh well, do you like money to be an issue ALL the game or not? ( Pendor you're gonna be rich, just took Galwe and gave me 50.000 denars 1st week, My best town in Pendor with all upgrades and max prosperity gave me 5000, you're gonna have to farm prisoners, and surprise, there is almost no units that got blunt weapons, so either use your CKO or urself, I hated it, I wanna use my normal setup, I hate using blunt weapons past early/mid game). Prisoner trains ( the + you see in bands, the number of prisoners they have); in Perisno you get your enemy faction prisoners as prisoners instead of recruiting them, THANK YOU, this is way better, it prevents the 5K armies that kings can have in Pendor with their merc (it's not even capped, it can go on forever) and also prevents you from getting op units from factions you're enemy with, it doesn't make sense from a roleplaying perspective, why do I have a Demon Worshipper in my army? The merc company with 5K units was very fun, now you have to kite them to other unique spawns to get them lower. In Perisno, you can leave your faction without losing your lands ( Yes, no need to go around taking castles and waiting for your king to say 'Lol no'). Zann Invasion was pretty cool, no complaints here. More unique locations, mercenary guild to recruit your OWN troop trees + Household guard (they're subpar compared to other factions, but you can equip them, making them more or less okeysih, I prefer this to CKO, you can use them right away too, AWESOME for roleplaying).

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Just remembered, finally wanted to talk about castles. Pendor uses native castle, Perisno uses new castles. Some castles are just beautiful, like Qaletaqa ( it's a jungle, like the amazon, they're really weak, I felt bad for attacking them, basically it's not a castles but like trees and wood constructions). Problem here is pathfinding. Sometimes the units go retard in Perisno because of the new castles layout. Pendor doesn't have this, but Pendor uses native castles, so it's not doing better job, it just doesn't try, which is also good. I talked a lot but I don't think I touched upon everything.

Not the game but the feel: Perisno developers feel more chill, they take players suggestions a lot from what I noticed. They nerfed Zann apparently in 0.9 ( I played only 1.0) . My adventure in Pendor ended on a disgust. Basically, when you store units in a Castle, then you defer appointment, and give yourself the castle, ALL THE HIGHTIER units are gone. I conquered Sarleon alone, put my units there because I wanted to make it the new capital, went home, brought more garrison. Came back to give it to me, and tada, Garrison went from 1000 to 300, all my units were gone. Closed the game and started Perisno. You know when you add stuff like that without a warning, you really have a problem. Just chill man, 'OMG they're gonna use the AI to get castles and take their garrison, I need to stop that'. Also, Pendor has literally 0 bugs. Perisno have some here and there but nothing game breaking. Perisno runs the same as Pendor with my I5 Intel UHD 620 computer, Perisno has waaaay better battle scenes though. You can estimate the strength of other armies for that 'RPG' feel. It's an approximation of how strongyou are. Love it (Like when you have 200 troops vs 1000, this gives you a strength approximation, I am usually at 7K and the enemy with 900 troops is at 10K, just nice to know how OP you are, also useful early game to know which parties to fight instead of just going in and dying). Sorry I just want to finish this thread but I remember other stuffs. I am open to discussion for people who tried Perisno 1.0 and prefer Pendor. English 2nd language so sorry for the messy structure but I had to write this because I fell in love with Perisno ( I love the soundtracks too).

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