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Please, just fix the glaring issues.

Content of the article: "Please, just fix the glaring issues."

Please dear God just fix the glaring issues instead of doing small scale things like changing the pay of troops and working on multiplayer. The singleplayer community is much larger and singleplayer presents far more potential for issues, which should be tackled with the vast majority of TW resources.

Here are a few of the most glaring issues that I've seen in the community.

  • Many perks do not function or are just plain useless with very underwhelming effects.
  • XP rates are still horrifically slow with many skills
  • Leveling up still plateaus around level 16 despite the XP instead of Skill Level changes
  • Many skills are so horribly difficult to train that they are seldom used by the playerbase. Namely roguery, medicine, engineering, and tactics. This isn't to say that they are impossible to train, but they're noticeably more difficult to train than nearly any other skill to such an extent that it isn't viable to touch them.
  • In a very similar manner to the above points, companions or wanderers or whatever we like to call them are horribly difficult to have their skills trained up (aside from Scouting, where it just happens extraordinarily fast for some reason).
  • Most players do not use governors because the perks which benefit via. governor positions are mainly in skills which are hard to train and are only compounded by the near impossibility of training up companions/wanderers.
  • Sieges are still horrifically broken:
    • Without a siege tower, you have to go yourself and start placing the ladders. Troops will not go unless you begin the animation to place the ladders.
    • Siege towers still only have one, rarely two, ladders being used. The AI will cluster at the bottom and trickle up one troop every three or so seconds.
    • Ladders are very much the same as siege towers. The AI seldom uses both ladders and will instead clump up and occasionally climb a single ladder.
  • Most polearms labeled as lances have no couching option
  • Player character models randomly change their body proportions.
    • Characters will randomly change and develop things such as beer guts or suddenly become emaciated.
    • Characters limbs will randomly change proportions. Arms can become horribly skinny and noodle-ish, and legs can do the same but with the calves more often becoming skinny as heck.
  • Camels sometimes will become spaghettified all over the screen, more often it's in the inventory sprite picture screen that is displayed next to the items.
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This is just a small list of oddities that I've heard many people gripe about in the community.

I'm extremely tired, lest I search around for more or try to recall more problems.


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