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Practical suggestions to improve balance and tactical depth between infantry, foot archer, and mounted units

Content of the article: "Practical suggestions to improve balance and tactical depth between infantry, foot archer, and mounted units"

  • Denser tree distribution on forest maps. In general, more maps which arent just flat, open fields will allow infantry more opportunity to advance through cover, and dictate the terms of their engagement.

  • Hitting a tree or branch at speed should knock the rider off their mount. It should also do proportional damage. Head first galloping into a tree should be able to lame or even kill a horse, and should have a very high chance to harm the rider.

  • In general, riders getting dismounted at the moment causes them no damage. This is silly – getting thrown from a moving horse that has just been impaled, while you are wearing armour and carrying blades weapons, should be a very uncomfortable experience.

  • Hitting objects at speed on horseback should have a chance to make the rider drop their weapon. In general, losing your weapon should be more common in the maelstrom of battle. Blade weapons from horseback should always have a chance to stick in their target (I.e. the rider drops them when they make contact with the enemy body or shield).

  • A horse stamina feature that depletes as they gallop around the battle. One of the most unrealistic (and imbalanced) parts of the cavalry warfare at the moment is infinite full speed galloping. They should have a chance of becoming lame if they are pushed to gallop while their stamina is heavily depleted. Ideally incorporate meaningful charge bonuses for charging with fresh horses, and penalties for charging with exhausted horses).

  • Different weight and armour capacities for different horses. A steppe horse should not be able to wear the same armour as a destrier. Alternatively, heavy horse armour should incur a huge manouvere penalty, especially on smaller horses.

  • Generally reduce maximum horse armour for cavalry archers. Riding circles at full speed in full chain barding should not happen.

  • Probably my favourite suggestion: Weather conditions that can play to different armies strengths. Waiting for a rainy day on a water-logged field where cavalry can barely stay upright would be fantastic; a foggy day where archers can't see advancing infantry until they're on top of each other; freezing snow which slows movement and saps stamina in some way. (These can be modifiers applied pre-battle to the unit stats, and dont necessarily require a graphical representation).

  • Climate conditions that favour native troops, giving a home field advantage. Sturgians and Battanians should struggle with brutal Southern desert heat. Aserai should struggle with deep, freezing drifts of snow, as well as densely wooded forests. Etc.

  • Climate conditions that effect horses differently. Vlandian coursers should struggle to maintain speed and stamina when they are riding in the baking hot desert. The tradeoff should be they can wear heavier armour and have a higher charge bonus.


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