Mount & Blade 2

Prophesy of Pendor: Witch King playthrough

This is the most fun I had in PoP except for the first ever playthrough when everything was new and cool.

  1. Take your most advanced PoP save, load it up. Spend any qualis gems you have on elixirs to boost your character, save your character via the character/stats menu. Optionally first convert all gold into diamonds so they don't get saved.
  2. Start a new playthrough as normal
  3. Load your high level badass character
  4. Roleplay as a Witch King type, having just woken up angry in your tomb… with all of your powers but no resources (or a chest of gold if that's your thing). Cover the world in darkness and take back your kingdom!

Advantages of this playthrough:

  • The kingdoms are balanced and lands are evenly distributed because it's a new playthrough
  • HOWEVER, you can start impacting the geopolitical landscape almost right away. If you start with high leadership and training, you can immediately build a large, powerful army.
  • If you built your character the way I recommend in my guides (early game:, mid game: you will also start with high surgery, training and pathfinding, meaning you can build an elite force quickly and maintain it, becoming your own mini-doom stack in a couple of weeks.
  • There is almost no delay before you can start your own kingdom. You will have no renown (Everyone's forgotten you during the centuries you were in your tomb, and those who haven't don't believe you are the long-dead King… yet). You also have no honour yet and no relations with lords, so that all takes time to develop. HOWEVER, you can seize a city or castle, declare a kingdom, then immediately sign with another king as vassal. This gets you the crown helmet and you will be a vassal lord very quickly. There's no reason not to begin building RTR immediately.
  • Options for CKO are much broader. If you start with a character with 300+ crossbows skill you can load your sergeants up with the mettenheim arbalest early on. Sergeants with 350 crossbow skill he arbalest and 2x mettenheim bolts are almost as effective as ones with noldor bows, but you can have them much, much sooner because there's no power draw requirement.
  • CKO stuff can happen immediately. You can dump your first qualis into a CKO and not miss out on a thing. Send Alistair or Jocelyn to train them on day one, and they will be effective far sooner than in a regular playthrough.
  • You will be able to take on Qualis gem spawns almost immediately
  • Early combat will be huge fun instead of a terrible grind (which frankly it is at first, especially in your 2nd, 3rd etc Pendor playthrough)
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Basically I've found that it takes away none of the fun and skips the worst of the grind. Great for that 2nd playthrough.


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