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Really struggling with the early game, any tips?

Content of the article: "Really struggling with the early game, any tips?"

I just got Bannerlord, I used to play warband and also fire and sword (even though it wasn't great, there just wasn't any other decent pike and shot era games back then) I wasn't bad at them and could progress fairly easily. But that was like a decade ago. I'm pretty sure I'm just playing Bannderlord wrong lol. Maybe someone has some advice. Maybe someone's been at the same point and broken through.

In Bannerlord, I am yet to even break 3,000 gold. I try trading, running down bandits, I even had a "decent" early game Aserai army with palace guards and master archers at one point. All it takes is one unlucky run in with desert bandits or looters and I'm right back at square one. If I upgrade my army, the army eats into my trade profits and I can't make money, I'm stuck constantly running from city to city making trades for meager profits, and the minute I go out to fight, it takes me several days to catch some looters, meanwhile my army of like 23 dudes is snatching my gold and eating my food.

It typically goes one of several ways: I finally catch some looters, but an aserai army also joins in with like 100 soldiers and snatches all the loot, leaving me with 20 gold worth of crappy clothes. Maybe a prisoner worth 5gp if they feel extra generous that day. If that doesn't happen I'm chasing down a band of 8 looters, and they round a corner, I finally catch them and then bam, 20 desert bandits join the battle and now I get dragged through the mud by their cavalry.

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In every case, I end up back at square one. I thought things were finally turning around when I made 2,800 denars today, but that lasted me no time at all, the local banditry made sure of that.

Doing quests yields the same result, I often fail them and end up making everyone hate my guts. I've figured out there's a few easy ones I can usually do like selling artisan goods, but those aren't that profitable as they make me a criminal. I get rinsed by poachers, I get crushed by bandits, even gangers in alleyways ruin my day every single time.

I feel like I'm stuck in an early game hell. I'm a veteran of brutal and unfair games with long grinds like Kenshi, so if this is just how the game is, so be it, so long as maybe someday I'll finally have a kingdom. But at this point it just really feels like I'm playing entirely incorrectly.

When I look up other people stuck in "early game hell" they all at least have managed to rack up 10k or more to buy caravans and so on, but I can't even get close to that point. I've made several new starts, experimenting with different skills that I hoped would be useful. I think this time I might have neglected medical, but I have good trade, one hand, leadership, steward, riding, and scouting. If there's one good thing to come of all the beat downs, it's that my character is steadily gaining levels in skills at least.

I don't know what helpful information I can give. I'm playing as Aserai culture, and mostly sticking to the south as I want to play as a desert faction and maybe eventually conquer outwards from there by joining the Aserai kingdoms or making my own. It's what appeals to me most about the game, but maybe that's the wrong approach. Maybe I do just suck and need to stick at it and git gud.

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Tl;dr can't get more than 3000 gold and often find myself getting rinsed and ending up with 0. Stuck in small trade hell. Any advice?


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