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Revenge of the Empire – Star Wars Galactic Campaign

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Against seemingly all odds, the Imperial garrison on Endor rebuked the Rebel assault. With the shield generator secured, a shot of morale has surged through the Imperial Army, as its super weapon creeps closer and closer to completion.

Now that momentum has swung back in the Empire's favor, they have been quick to capitalize on it. Already the Imperial fleet moves on Muunilinst, an extremely wealthy planet known for its contributions to the rebel cause. The rebellion has been expecting this attack forever, but it will still be a sure bloodbath. If the Empire can sever the rebel alliance's funding, it will make it that much harder to maintain an insurgency.

In Meta Terms

Welcome to the fifth Galactic Campaign! This event will see the Empire attacking the Rebel planet of Muunilinst in a series of battles with Jedi and Sith masters present.

The event will be fought on an assortment of battle maps. The first team to win 2 out of the 3 maps will emerge victorious. If the Empire can endure the troubles of urban warfare, they will take over the planet.

To join the event, just join the server! There are no sign-ups required, and while it is recommended to join voice chat for bants and vague tactics, it isn't required.

Getting Involved in the Campaign

Be sure to join our community Discord, where you'll be able to proclaim your allegiance to the Rebellion or Empire, which will allow you to plan your strikes against the opposing faction with fellow members.

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Subsequent planets will be attacked based on voting happening on our community Discord. Be sure to join and select a faction role to decide the course of the war for the galaxy.

Feel free to leave any questions you have in the comments.

Server Info

Donating to the Galactic Campaign

The Galactic Campaign server is the same used for the Calradic Campaign, Mod Night, and all other associated events provided by the mountandblade subreddit, ran entirely on a donation basis as we have for nearly five years. We have a Patreon that you can put in a monthly or one time amount to contribute. There are multiple reward tiers with more coming, and with a larger pool of money we can prepare for the expected high server costs of Bannerlord (custom servers when lol).


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