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Since when is this game so horribly glitchy when it comes to the parties on the map and how they interact?

Content of the article: "Since when is this game so horribly glitchy when it comes to the parties on the map and how they interact?"

I took a good long break from Bannerlord, and I came back and was pleasantly surprised to find that the game really improved since I was gone, in most aspects anyway. But, when it comes to the parties on the map, and how they interact with eachother the game really fails in that aspect. Heavily.

Two incidents in a row of absolutely horrible occurrences. First, Derthert creates an army. Okay, I just joined up as a mercenary I'll follow him. I decide not to actually join his army but just follow, he goes to a castle to siege it and I join in but another Battanian army came to defend the castle. Derthert abandons the siege to confront that army. Okay, I'll join him, I click on the field battle, should be easy right? Wrong, the game completely ignores Derthert and his army is there. Now it's just me and my 47 troops against 500. I gotta reload or lose most of everything. So, of course I reload and this time just avoid that awful siege altogether.

Derthert creates another army, this time in this load it's different. Battanians made peace and were attacking the Nords, we go to a castle, siege it and it all goes well. We take the castle no problem and go on your way with our massive army. Army disbands and it's just me and Derthert, we find a field battle and join in. Simple, right? We got like 500 men to the enemy's 200. We destroy them, heavily. All good, get a shit ton of influence. Awesome! Their pathetic party is wiped from the map. I click out of the battle. Lo and behold I'm taken prisoner by the party we absolutely destroyed and took from existence. Huh? How? So, now my entire party and all my hundreds of grain and shit ton of crafting materials are completely gone. Been too long since I saved so I have to go way, way back. I'm not loosing those hundreds of materials and food, the army okay but those materials are too precious.

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If you don't already know this, save before every single battle just so shit like this doesn't happen to you and you don't have to learn the hard way how broken it is.

So, basically I'm fucked, and have to reload. The game seems to consistently fuck up when it comes to this all of a sudden. Why? It was fine last I played it a long time ago, what's with the sudden fuck ups with the interactions between the parties and battles?


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