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Some Changes My Friends and I Thought Of

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My friends and I recently made the swap over from Warband and started to talk about the different mechanics within the game and while we all agree that its a pretty massive upgrade so far we had some ideas for what we thought would be some cool additions to the game.

  1. Clan division; The lead member of the clan has to maintain positive relations with his peers or could be overthrown by a more popular clan member or cause a civil war within the clan — the clan itself doesn't get fiefs but instead they are assigned to singular characters and if a subordinate member gains too much power they can use that influence to pressure the leader.
  2. Too many fiefs; Each character has a soft cap on the number of holdings they can have which when surpassed lowers relations with the lords within the kingdom with the penalty increasing the higher beyond the cap the character gets, taxation gets harder due to the inability to properly govern your domain and your income/influence will suffer. In order to maintain within the limit the clan leader can give out fiefs to members of their own clan or gift fiefs to others for a high relationship bonus.
  3. From my friend Michael, make harsher penalties against rulers for going against their people in elections — he's tired of conquering an entire faction and only getting scraps.
  4. Intrigue; hire assassins, grow distrust within a kingdom, spread rumors about nobles, and defame kings in order to make yourself look better to the other nobles by comparison.
  5. Popularity; like influence but for the regular people, expend popularity to gain recruitment bonuses, get influence increases, and put pressure on your political opponents. High popularity increases loyalty in settlements, while a low increases the chances of rebellion. Popularity is changed by war contribution, policy promotion, policy support, defending against raiders, and destroying hideouts.
  6. Governmental overhaul; each faction's differences are much higher on a governmental level. For example, the Senate would have much more influence in the Northern Empire — majority support from Tier 3+ clans is what decides various elections — the Senate doesn't exist in the Western Empire while instead getting bonuses to militarism and etc.
  7. Great Invaders; in the late game, at least three factions eliminated, great invaders may appear from the various corners of the map at random times. Great invaders are clans with an incredibly large army capable of taking smaller majors.
  8. Roadworks; the ability to build roads between castles, cities, and towns in order to connect your Empire and its many holdings. Roads give bonuses to movement speed, increase the value of trade, eliminates half of movement penalties, and can be upgraded to have patrols that will prevent bandits from attacking caravans that travel on them. You can build roads between Empires, but while increasing the trading output also increases the risk of invasion since enemy armies can increase their movement drastically in the event of a war.
  9. Naval supremacy; coastal cities can build ships and navies that allow travel across the sea or cargo ships to send quick trade routes across the world. Navies move much faster than land armies and can cut off trade and supply into regions close-by while enhancing siege capabilities of land-armies thanks to their ability to embargo.
  10. Casus-Belli; it is necessary to justify expansion to the other kingdoms in the early game in order to prevent a coalition against you, going hand-in-hand with the intrigue from before the ability to forge documents that would suggest an impending attack on your kingdom or rumors of insults against the royal family and your people are just cause for war — but failure to find a reason can result in major penalties to trade and gives access to other Casus Belli against your kingdom.
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I expect basically none of these to make it into the game but it would be really cool to see some of them in the game or a mod that adds them into it.


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