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Starting a Kingdom – Vent/Rant/Discussion

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I took a break from Bannerlord for awhile after making it fairly far as one of Rhagaea's vassals. Was making a positive trend in denar flow, had almost 7k influence banked, multiple fiefs and parties/armies. But I was playing with a huge handicap because the last time I had played a Mount and Blade game was in 2010.

I started a new game recently (all settings on realistic) and, according to Steam analytics, have aroud 35 hours on this character so far. I did what I think is a fairly typical grind: Go from major city to major city winning Tournaments and Escorting Caravans and setting off Caravan Ambushes. At one point, by keeping my army small, I massed up 60k denar for my trouble.


Then I started doing the main quest. Got to the part where you get the banner pieces and start you own kingdom. One of the requirements is to own land. Okay… gotta have land to have a kingdom. So I traveled around, doing my grind, until I found a castle with a low occupancy (like 40 soldiers) and decide to capitalize on the ongoing Vlandian/Sturgia war. I capture the castle without much trouble from Vlandia, and then make peace with them after defeating several of their generals/leaders/vassals.

My problem arose when I noticed that, while owning the castle and the two villages lessened the blow from my army upkeep, it didn't make a sizable dent. I needed more. Another of Vlandia's castles, right next to mine and deep in Sturgian territory, had a low occupancy. So I sieged it and won it, too.

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Then Vlandia sent an army of 600, something I can't hope to defeat in a fair fight, even if I had my companion's party with me for a total of 190-something. What I don't understand is Vlandia being able to march an army that huge through all of Sturgia's land unprovoked. I am boned if I don't make a steady income and I don't want to join a faction, I want to go the Kingdom route.


What can I do to accumulate land in a way that won't cause an entire Kingdom to crack down on the neck of my pitiful (in comparison) party. I can take most vassals in a party v party battle. But I simply can't win against multi-leader armies.


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