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Story of Lodwin

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*distant faint memory of a voice**sounds of rain drops hitting the ground*"When you're finished, and you look around, count the fallen enemies and not a soul more. That is how you survive."

*the sound of rain intensifies*

10 years later

*Cracking sounds of burning wood**Close up shot of a log inside the campfire**Night time*

*The doors abruptly open as a young man enters the tavern completely worn down and wet from the rain*"Arriving back from a battle isn't as glorious as the stories preach, is it boy? Ha-ha!" – a man at the table said as he glanced at the young man."Looks to me like someone fell to the ground today, eh?! What happened, did you drop your sword friend? Only a coward returns home from battle with dirty hands and knees" — he jokingly yelled– The young man tightly squeezed his hands around one another as he tiresomely laid his own body on the nearest chair as if he barely had life left in him."You don't know what you'll need until you're really there" he said quietly.- "Well then, by the looks of you, you should've gone into the archers division." – the old man continued with a light-hearted tone, but with a glimmer of doubt in his movements and tone."A shovel" – said the young man and silence had followed. The man at the table moved in his chair to adjust as he moved his hand from the ale onto the table flat down. He now more carefully takes a look at the boy in a faint light from a few torches by the door. His nails are filled with mud."I couldn't do it..""Couldn't do what?""I couldn't leave them just laying there. They.. they deserve better." — the young man said as he turned his palms and looked at them – "Do you believe in heaven? — he asked while not looking away from his hands.The rest of the men at the table had noticed and turned towards him by now, but none of them said a word. One of them stood up in a panic and let out a name: "Badrick?!""It doesn't matter now anyway, does it?" — He softly chuckled with his voice barely coming out and a one sided smile that was admitting to defeat as he realized his own hopelessness. — "Do you have a shovel up for trade in this village, I have gold with me" — he even more quietly saidThe man who stood up storms out dreading what he'll find as he sees a few men right outside, some of which are standing, while the rest lay on the ground with their faces pointing at the sky. He runs over to the bodies, each step he is lower than the previous, his knees are searching for the ground as he pummels through the wet grass, now dragging the rest of his body with his arms at the end of his breath. He recognizes the leather armor. It's the same leather he and his wife spend their last savings on. They wanted to keep their boy safe. They wanted him to come back home. He gently brushed the dirty blonde hair, his fingers trembling. He puts his head right next to his boys as he lets out a few words, almost as if reciting a lullaby: "There's a heaven for you, and if there isn't, I'll make one."

*A shot back at the tavern, of the young mans hands, his nails. An engraving on his chest-plate spells "Lodwin"*

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End of part 1

Note from the writer:

Let me know if you're interested to see more of this story in the comments. I really enjoyed writing this and it ultimately ties into Mount and Blade with a touch of elements from Pendor.


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