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Strange, often suicidal, spawns

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I searched to see if there were any other posts regarding this issue but didn't really find any, so if one already exists pertaining to this one particular problem, I apologize for creating another.

With that out of the way… has anyone noticed in the recent patches that simulation battles have really weird spawns? Sometimes it's not that bad, but somehow, the initial formations are spaced way, way out for certain formations, particularly horse archers and cavalry, and how they're FAR to the right and left of where you begin in the battle, and this is problematic. Particularly, in some maps where the horse riding units spawn in less than ideal locations, and as the AI tries to regroup, or worse, when you call them to regroup yourself, they're on some god awfully high elevation and you literally watch your cavalry fall to their death. Most of the time they're just injured and you can heal them after a battle… but you're still out quite a large portion of your army involving cavalry. And from what I've noticed, this happens most of the time, if not all the time, with cavalry/horse archers.

This problem occurs the most infamously, from what I've experienced, in the dreaded mountain pass simulation map. You guys know what map I'm talking about? It's pretty much a ravine style foresty terrain where there's this tight serpentine winding path down the middle and practically cliffs on either side as you have pretty much no choice but to go all in Spartan 300 style. There's a desert variant of this map which is more open and straight forward, and this map suffers the same ill-fated problem as well. I never had an issue with these maps until recently. Because time and time again, I pray that during any simulation I'd like tp participate in, it is not randomized to this particular map, or variant thereof. Sadly, it's not just this one map either. Other locations have higher elevations at the starting point of where your army starts and the same thing happens. Cavalry/Horse Archers are on a much MUCH higher elevation, and when called to regroup, or sometimes just as the map starts, they'll start moving around and just fall to their doom. Sometimes I'm lucky and they won't move, and they're safe as long as I don't move them. So I have to resort to refraining from using that formation all together, which leads to an insane amount of micromanaging of the other formations as the battle progresses, hoping and reminding myself not to use any particular formation that's stuck in that ridiculous spawn placement else they will, once again, fall to their doom.

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This is the most heartbreaking issue I can point out in the game so far, aside from unexpected crashes and the like, and I hope the problem is addressed soon because I hate seeing sometimes a 1/5th to even an insane 1/3rd of my army neutralizing itself just because of spawn location. This problem has happened more times than I care about, to the point that I often refrain from even doing simulations anymore in fear I might randomly generate into these maps' simulations.


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