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Sturgia worst faction in the game.

Content of the article: "Sturgia worst faction in the game."

Some people may disagree but I have 4 point to prove how weak they are and how to prepare to play as sturgia

1: having many infantry and archer will slow you down. Sturgia doesn't have a strong easy access cavalry or horse archer to increase your speed in the map. So you will be playing at speed from 4.8 to 5.8 at best and the only way to improve it is to buy alot of horses and unlocking nomadic traditions which is very important to travel in map at good speed.

2: their location is garbage. I played as aserai and battania. Battania is good while aserai have the best location. You know where enemy come from. While sturgia you dont. You can get attacked almost on every location so its hard to predict where they will be coming from.

3:the biggest problem is money. They are slow so you catch bandit slower. You travel slower. This will increase how many days you will take to reach a specific location and forcing you to pay more per troop. Before even thinking about recruiting alot of troops you should buy a carvarn or 2 just incase if they gave you a castle that cost 500+ to run( happend to me once and this destroyed me forced me to attack Lords immediately wirh 50 troops. I didnt have 100 influence and I lose 0.5 influence per day because of politics and shit)

4:you will have the best infantry at cost of not so good cavalry or archer and no horse archer.They suck bad. To increase they effectiveness you should increase your archery, 1 handed sword, throwing, riding, those are your primary upgrade. You should unlock nomadic traditions immediately. Choosing perk that increase your archer strength and accurcy because they cant hit shit from long range. Choosing perk that increase your infantry throwing power. Leveling scout is good to but idk how to level it. So stick to 1 handed and archery and riding. If you have 2 handed shock troop maybe consider leveling two handed but I dont recommend those early in the game.

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Those are 4 important tips I played on realistic and the hardest part is paying wages. I shouldn't joined them immediately after my clan reached level 2. And do not join them without having 2 carvarn. They may give you a town or castle immediately and that will increase your wage dramatically. I was paying 600. After the castle I started to pay 1300. And adding salt to wound they gave me a town with -2000000000 security. How do I fix that?


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