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Taleworlds Hate Thread

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So, this isn't like an unreasonable hate thread so to speak, I think it's pretty well deserved at this point. I don't understand why this company suddenly became so hostile to its player base and is so set in stone on their vision for this game that everyone hates. I'm kind of hungover so it's hard to gather my thoughts so I'll try to be concise.

Bannerlord combat is absolutely terrible, a step down from Warband in the eyes of Warband veterans. Taleworlds is intent on forcing through things that the playerbase has told them they unanimously and categorically didn't want. If you go on the MP section on the TW forum it's just drowned in complaints on top of complaints. Everyone hates the class system and a plethora of other 'enhancements' to the combat TW put into this game. A classic example of TWs behavior here is crush through. Crush through was super balanced and implemented perfectly in warband, but they decided to arbitrarily spam it in bannerlord against our wishes making the combat even more retarded.

It usually goes like this with class system, crush through, block delay, etc:

  1. Taleworlds says they're adding a feature.
  2. Playerbase says that they absolutely don't want that feature
  3. Taleworlds says they know better than the people that have thousands of hours in their titles and forces it through anyway
  4. game gets worse

If anyone is also here from the Runescape community, they'll find the same historic pattern of behavior from Jagex in ruining their game with updates they forced through despite player dislike. This is why they had to release Oldschool Runescape in 2013 which has double the player count garbage Runescape 3 has.

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The thing that really irks me, is that when players try to mod their games and fix this, Taleworlds starts to threaten them. We had a guy on the forums that more or less fixed the combat by hosting and editing the server's XML files during the beta. He didn't get cease and desisted per se but it was more of a "STOP DOING THIS OR ELSE" kinda thing. + The other shady crap with the Chinese mods….. If you wanna make the game in your image do so, but let us play the way we want to.

The current state of the game speaks volumes to the results of these crappy attitudes by TW. I tried playing after four months and couldn't find a queue. MP is legit dead. Warband has a more healthy MP scene after ten years and a sequel, especially on the Persistent Kingdoms open world mod which you should totally install and join my clan on and be a part of the fun 100 man server wars wink wink pm me for details. But yeah back to what I was saying it's a joke that Warband is doing better than Bannerlord right now but it makes sense because of all of the above. It's a joke that we still don't have custom servers and the only other gamemode we have on the pub server's is meme duel servers that are put on team deathmatch.

I'm also aware that like 80% of the players are singleplayer hermits that spend hours upon hours flipping through different mods killing bots and that bannerlord may be a title more geared towards them instead of the competitive warband community. Hopefully when we finally get custom servers we can just all edit or mod out all the garbage TW put into multiplayer ourselves. But it will still suck separating the community from the base game and cutting it off from new blood that way. To all those apologists that are about to say early access, I will reply with 7 years of supposed dev and a year and a half of beta and EA.

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TL;DR TW deserves the hate at this point for completely ignoring the lifeblood of their multiplayer and ruining their sequel with immensely unpopular updates to the combat, then proceeding to threaten people that try to fix it.


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