Mount & Blade 2

Tell me about your playthrough!

Hey there! Just curious about your current campaigns. Who is your character and what are their goals? Any unique things you are doing to spice it up this time? If you like to semi rp like myself, what is the story so far?

Just curious what everyone is up to out there!

My current campaign I am play Verik of the fen Brutalin clan. Not a well known clan but that is changing.

Started off as a tourney fighter trying to earn coin for the siblings ransom. He met up with a tracker named Mych after fighting him in the tourney and they formed a group to start fighting back against the local bandits. They still did tournaments and with Veriks new renown, coin, companion and small unit of oathsworn he was ready and awaited his brothers call.

Not too long after he got the message from his brother and he went to save the younger siblings. Now, Niasen is the eldest of the clan and that means he actually calls the shots. He was impressed with what Verik had accomplished and was eager to make more out of it.

They continued with smaller jobs for a while; guarding caravans, taking out bandit hideouts, settling domestic disputes, and even selling captured bandits into manual labor. After a few years the outfit had grown tremendously. They were now over 100 men strong and all skilled killers. Niasen led the horseman, Verik led the archers along with Mych and an Aserai man they met during a tournament, named Ilthas. They also had another friend Col, often called iron belly that led the infantry.

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At this point Niasen made the decision to get into the real conflicts. Over the past few years Battania has held strong but there had been attacks. Primarily from the Sturgians in the north. Niasen struck a deal to get a contract with Caladog and now the fen Brutalin clan is officially fighting for Battania. They hit the Sturgians hard and in these battles they started to be called “The Bears of fen Brutalin”. Unfortunately in these legendary battles, Col “Iron Belly” died. Took a javelin to the gut ironically. There was a funeral pure built in his honor and celebration of his warrior spirt. Verik started to take command of the infantry from here on out and Mych took command of the archer unit. After a year the Sturgians called for peace and Caladog accepted.

With the coin that was earned in the war, Niasen invested in local business for a source of income to sustain the clan during times of peace. Verik traveled with Mych and Ilthas to tournaments to keep their names relevant and struck up a deal with the smithy in Seonon to craft custom weapons for the clan. They would also sell these weapons to fans of the tournaments.

Now, Niasen has no plan for vassalage as he knows Caladog and Battania culture. He does not trust Caladog. Verik on the other hand has fallen for Corein, Caladogs daughter, after she bested him in a tournament final. Verik feels that vassalage and land would make fen Brutalin more credible and honor their father and mother…. Niasen is firm on his stance and is current clan leader, so this is law.

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Annnnnd that’s where I’m at so far! Let me hear your tales!


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