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Terrible Balance in Captain Mode Now

Content of the article: "Terrible Balance in Captain Mode Now"

Hi Everyone,

Captain mode has had its ups and downs throughout early access, but for the most part, it has actually been a pretty enjoyable and well-implemented multiplayer mode. There have been some strategies that simply aren't workable, but generally, you could run a fairly interesting mix of unit compositions and have a reasonable shot at winning the round with good coordination as a team. As a Warband Single Player fan, this was a pleasant surprise as I really had no expectations for Bannerlord's multiplayer.

I took a break from Bannerlord for about a month and just came back to the game after the most recent big patch. After giving it a go for a few rounds I quickly realized that the changes made to ranged weapons have absolutely gutted Captain mode. If you're unsure to what I'm referring, archers and ranged in general now take twice as long to ready their wepon for firing.

Even on the most open maps and with strong team coordination, archers/ranged can no longer even come close to being an effective counter to unshielded shock (2-hander) infantry.

A two handed unit can charge across an open field at a unit of light archers, and only lose maybe three or four of their number before reaching melee distance and wiping the archers. This makes absolutely no sense, and completely destroys any semblance of balance that exists in the mode.

Shock infantry were already very powerful, and it was never a surprise that the faction with the weakest shock infantry, Battania, was always the hardest to win as. However, there were still some effective combos as Battania that could be played, and they relied, naturally, on the strength of Battania's light archer unit and strong shield infantry. There is no combo now that works for Battania when facing 2 handers, and really there are no combos for any faction that are effective anymore other than "bring more 2 handers than the opponent." I'm honestly not sure that if you just f1 f3'd as, say, a team of all Aserai Guards, there'd be any way for a skilled Battania team to win on any map.

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Is anyone else upset at Captain mode being killed with this recent change?

Before the Single Player crowd chimes in, I love single player, and agree it should be the Development team's focus. I don't think entirely ignoring the effects of gameplay mechanic changes has on multiplayer makes sense either though.


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