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The Battle of Nevaynsk (or how the AI almost whipped my overconfident ass)

I'm about 50 years into my current campaign, everything's on realistic and I'm running about a dozen mods. I also don't use the Alt button to see enemies on the battlefield, have a kill feed, or see unit icons in battles – so it's important for me to actually keep an eye on how the battle is actually unfolding. I like to keep a text file open in the background that I record things in, like a chronicle – and I write it as if my character's chronicler wrote it. I just had a pretty fun battle/encounter and had no one else to share it with, so I thought I'd share this excerpt from the 'Chronicle'. I added some clarification in the parentheses since some factions are the result of civil wars/rebellions.

• Kingdom of Wynistyr – A recently successful rebellion in Seonon has led to the resurgence of the Battanian culture, with this being the only Battanian faction to now hold territory. Prior to this, Battanians hadn't held any land since the summer of 1110 when the original Kingdom of Battania was conquered. One of their clans, the fen Giall, who had rebelled from the Kingdom of Battania, was still loose in the land and were basically outlaws – these landless clans quickly joined up with the new Kingdom of Wynistyr.

• Kingdom of Haringoth – A kingdom of Vlandian origin, recently separated from Vlandia after a successful civil war in 1122 – it is mostly based in northern Vlandian areas and the lands once held by Battanians. It is ruled over by te king Amulgun dey Valant. My character, Isilcred, is a lord in this kingdom.

• Isilcred dey Swadia – The player character, lord of Car Banseth, Ormarfand Castle, and Druimmor Castle. The dey Swadians had once been kings of Vlandia, but were usurped by the dey Cortain family after a civil war. Another civil war saw the dey Swadians, dey Valants, dey Gunrics, and others leave Vlandia for good and they founded the new Kingdom of Haringoth.

And so it was that in the spring of the year 1123, under the rule of King Amuglun dey Valant, the Kingdom of Wynistyr declared themselves to be at war with the Kingdom of Haringoth. The Wynistyrian ranks had been swelled by outlaws and Battanian vagabonds of all kinds. It is said that the rocks and forests themselves seemed to give birth to these wicked men, who after having scratched a living for so long in the wilds, now flocked to the city of Seonon – eager to seek vengeance on their overlords.

My lord Isilcred gathered to him a force of his finest knights, along with a host of common soldiers drawn from the villages on his lands. Isilcred was of a mind to train a new force and forge them in the fires against the upstart Battanian Kingdom of Wynistyr. Receiving word that the village of Nevaynsk was being set upon by the enemy lord Sein, Isilcred, hearing that the enemy force was no larger than his own, marched his forces quickly to the village to drive them away.

When Isilcred arrived at the village, all was quiet. The thick forests shrouded the village, and Isilcred ordered his soldiers to draw up into formation just on the edge of the village. No sooner had they begun to move than the Battanians of Wynistyr poured forth from the village. Shouting their ancient battle cries, hurling their spears, and setting up on the infantry of Isilcred. Those who had not seen battle before were so frightened that they broke and ran as soon as the spears and arrows fell around them. Those infantry who held firm were quickly overwhelmed and beaten into the earth. Isilcred began to fear that victory was slipping from his grasp. He knew that if he continued to allow the cavalry to ride around the enemy and bid them battle without good order, that the Wynistyrians would soon breakthrough and be upon the vulnerable crossbowmen – then defeat would be a certainty.

My lord Isilcred, who was fighting with the infantry bellowed on his horn and signaled that the cavalry and crossbows should disengage and follow him. Knowing their lord to be a cunning and clever leader, they followed his command and retreated a short distance away to a small hill. There, my lord Isilcred ordered that his cavalry dismount and form a line with the bowmen behind. When this order was given, some young and eager men among the knights refused, stating that "We are knights, to fight on foot would be most unseemly. No, we should prefer to die in our saddles." However, Isilcred and those knights who were veterans of his many campaigns convinced the younger knights that it would be an even greater proof of valor to fight on foot and as such gain even greater honor. The Wynistyrians continued their charge, their blades, and bodies covered with the blood of slain foes. They were no doubt encouraged by their rout of Isilcred's infantry and felt themselves up to the task of finishing off the remaining Haringoth soldiers. The knights of Isilcred formed into a tightly packed line, bristling with lances. The Wynistyrians threw themselves at the knights, but they quickly realized that this was a battle they could not win. While engaged with the knights, the crossbowmen moved onto the flanks and shot down the enemy from all sides – careful not to hit their comrades. It was then that the remaining Wynistyrians threw down their weapons and began to flee the field. Isilcred now called out to his knights that they should mount their horses and give chase. With much joy they rode down the remaining foes, setting upon them like hounds on the hunt.

Nothing too special, but I hope you found it interesting!

If it wasn't clear in the actual writing above, I engaged a smaller force of Battanians, my 150 vs their 120, raiding a village and was caught by surprise nearly losing the battle.


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