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The Calradic Campaign Returns to Warband! – Calradic Campaign Season 2


Four years. Fifty events. Countless friends made. The Calradic Campaign, a persistent multiplayer campaign that ran from 2016 to 2020, provided a unique Warband experience difficult to find anywhere else. The Calradic Campaign was, and still remains the perfect stepping stone for those who have avoided multiplayer due to the extremely high skill playerbase. The Campaign ended shortly before the launch of Bannerlord in order to prepare for a (then expected) soon transition into Bannerlord. That day… has not come.

So we've decided to continue the Campaign in Warband! This is a very exciting period for all of us and its a chance for a new generation of Warband players to experience the peak of what multiplayer has to offer!

New to the Campaign?

The Calradic Campaign is a public Mount & Blade: Warband multiplayer event hosted by the mountandblade subreddit. It was created in March 2016.

The Campaign features an overworld map, where you can track the progress of the campaign. Battles are fought monthly over the territories, where the outcome of the events affect which territories are captured, and which lords are killed.

The campaign map is complimented with a monthly lore post, detailing the particulars of what territories are being fought over and why. One of the key features of the Calradic Campaign is the player driven story, where actions players take both in events and out of them affect how future events occur and why. If you want to punish yourself, and see an example of how the player driven story works, look here to see the full story of the original campaign. All of the characters in the story are real people, joining the campaign throughout the years. It could just as easily be you!

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The story develops just as much outside of the events as it does in them. Join our community Discord to join a faction, coordinate with other players, and develop your character along with others to contribute your own piece to the story. Every village and castle on the map is owned by a real person, with their own interests. In time, you can obtain your own village, castle, and if you're really lucky, a city or kingship.

The events themselves vary greatly depending on the circumstances. Battle and Siege are the two staples, while conquest, VIP, and Fight and Destroy have all been used with their own variants.

Calradic Campaign Season 2 Introduction

The coalition of the Vaegir Empire and Rhodok Republic have shattered Swadia, leaving the former kingdom primarily under Vaegir control. While the bloated empire struggles to prevent a full scale rebellion from erupting in Swadia, the Rhodoks begin to prepare for a strike against the Vaegirs to capitalize on the chaos. The Nords of the north eye the soon to come conflict with great interest, no doubt intending to carve out their own conquests in Upper Swadia. The fragile peace that followed the fall of Maras will no doubt be broken soon.

What to Expect

The Campaign is currently looking to begin in May. Expect an event post up the week before that will set the scene for our first ever Calradic Campaign event since March 2020. In the mean time, join our community Discord for updates and to get acquainted with your fellow faction members. The story starts now!

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