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The Day I Gave Away Two Kingdoms Out of Spite

Content of the article: "The Day I Gave Away Two Kingdoms Out of Spite"

Let me tell you the tale of the day I gave away two whole kingdoms to a vagrant!

No shit there I was, a simple lord of the kingdom of Rhodoks. I owned a small well run fief, and I lived well. My force was small but among the best in all the land. So I ended up spearheading most our campaigns against the Khergit. Then one day, after months of war and conquest, I took a city. I did so single handedly, and I did so cleverly. So I requested it be awarded to me.

It was not. His grace King Graveth in his infinite wisdom claimed it for himself.

I am not gonna lie, I felt slighted. I was indeed a bit miffed. So you know what I did? I took the city by force and departed from the Kingdom of Rhodoks with a giant middle finger!

Graveth did not approve of this, he branded me traitor and heretic and demanded my immediate surrender. So you know what I did? So I slaughtered his army to a man and stuck him in my freshly acquired prison cell.

Then I went to war with the Khergits, and I took..


I took cities! I took fortresses! I took towns! I took their lords and their men! I took their capital and I built myself a kingdom of my own. Out of spite!

Then I turned my eyes on my old kingdom, the Kingdom of Rhodoks. Cuz, dear reader I have to admit, I was still angry as all hell.

So you know what I did? I started taking their towns too. Up until now I had just defended myself against their futile attempts to save their imprisoned king. But now they faced my full vengeful wrath. And they did not stand a chance. I massacred a entire kingdom and all it's people and then I took their towns and forts. I took their cities. And I took their capitals.

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I took everything they had.

So what did I do, now that I had the largest kingdom in the known world out of spite? I gave it all away. I found Lord Kastor of Veluca, a claimant to the throne of the Kingdom of Rhodoks with narry a penny to his name. A disgraced lord who was once to be king. And I made him one.

I gave him two whole kingdoms, united under one banner. I gave away the strongest economical power in the world to King Graveth's rival out of spite. Cuz King Graveth slighted me. And for that slight I upheaved the very balance of the land!

And it was worth it.


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