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The dey Etoile clan comes to power

Content of the article: "The dey Etoile clan comes to power"

I had an unexpected good turn of events.

My clan, the dey Etoile clan, joined Vlandia, and has been making a name for itself. Through copious bribes, gifts, and shared experiences in battle, I'd gotten on good terms with most every other clan, or at least all the big clans, including Derthert's family.

As such, he was constantly offering me castles. I usually tried to vote against myself, because I really didn't want that castle in the middle of our enemy's territory we'd just taken.

I finally am given Veron Castle (which I seem to end up with in every game I play as my first castle) after being given a few that are quickly lost. I make it my base of operations. When we end up in war against Battania, my army (myself and my clan parties) grab Llanoch Hen castle. I think, sweet, now I just need a city.

Then comes a looong war with Sturgia. I'm given Kranirog Castle, and as war with Battania and the Western Empire are not happening anytime soon (support is at 0% for both), I figure I'll go see what that place is like.

Many defeated Sturgian warbands later, I'm also given Magadan and Takor castle. Huh, I think to myself. This would make a nice base of operation for taking over Calradia.

I notice Varcheg's garrison is weak, so I seige it. I think all of Sturgia came out to drive me off, and in the ensuing battle (which I won with assistance from other clans), I was too weak to continue the seige. But Derthert then rolled in with *his* army and snatched it up.

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So I blew 100 influence to get it. Sometime later Revyl goes up for vote, and I drop a lot of influence to snag it, despite having been no where near it when it was seiged and captured. (Unfortunatley I didn't realize Omor had been captured, but that's alright).

So now I have a pretty solid base of operations in the north. I'm trying to decide if/when I should break off relations with Vlandia, and go my own way. I started consolidating my garrisons, and training up a host of troops. With the rapid expansion, I had troops and prisoners littered all over the map. I was also training up my Leadership and Trade skills, for the Disciplined perk and the ability to trade fiefs.

And then Derthert died of old age.

99% of the vote went to me to lead Vlandia.

I had to leave the game to restock; this changed my whole game plan. My character is still young (30 I think?) and has 2 children. I've oodles of influence, and Vlandia's in a great shape, but fiefdoms are spread all over; it offends my sensibilities that lords have fiefs in disparate and spread out areas despite it not really mattering in this game as it did in Warband (since lords don't really patrol their lands, they pretty much just go wherever). And of course now I have to think about adding on new clans, as Vlandia's getting too big to rely just on the initial clans. Vlandia's got ~10,000 power; our closest rival is actually Aserai (8-9k?). Most others are 3-4,000, but before he died Derthert got us into a war with the Khuzait's (7-8k power at the start, but we just defeated Monchug's 1300 strong army and captured a host of lords). Which is silly, since their lands are waaaay over there. So I need to get us out of that and into a war with Battania (ideally) or the Western Empire.

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So many things to consider now.


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