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Thought I’d share some mods that have vastly improved my mid and late game experience.

Content of the article: "Thought I’d share some mods that have vastly improved my mid and late game experience."

Running 1.5.0

On top of all the usual quality of life mods these mods have been a game changer for me and make the game more of what I always envisioned of what it's capable of. Instead of steamrolling the map as I have in the past I've been able to slow way down and actually manage a kingdom and it's expansion. Being able to recruit troops as companions and then on to vassals and handing out fiefs (and wives or husbands although I don't think vassals with families is fully implemented in the game yet) is much more enjoyable for me than gathering large armies, take a fief, return to my closest fief to gather more troops and rinse/repeat. My promoted vassals assemble their own armies and vote on when to wage war or sue for peace etc. I spend as much time joining my vassal's armies as I do conquering on my own. I'm about 4 years in and I control just the eastern side of the map slowly encroaching into Empire, Aserai and Sturgian territory. Khuzait and Monchung are still kicking as I tend to vote down any attempt to go to war with them (hoping for Monchung to rally back and give me a challenge) and there are about 12 separate kingdoms now. If there's any interest I'll post a list of all my mods and their load order ๐Ÿ™‚

Distinguished Service for 1.5.0b Allows you to promote your troops into companions when they get enough xp.

Lord from Family 1.3.3 for 1.5.0 Lets you promote companions to vassals but must have a fief handy for them. Also lets you change their clan name and banner. I'm a big GoT fan so I had fun with this lol (definitely helps the immersion factor for me) . Not sure what happened but when I loaded this mod my kingdoms banner went to a pink background (lol) and dark green sigil. Can't change the background and the available sigil colors are all light pastel ๐Ÿ™

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Separatism Mod 0.8.1 Allows you to control defections better but if they do they start their own kingdoms. This applies to the other kingdoms as well Not sure if I like the latter part as you can imagine it waters down the smaller kingdoms. Might disable that part on my next playthrough.

Those are the important ones then there are a bunch of others like Improved Garrison, Telepathy, Realistic Battle etc.

These are all running quite well on 1.5.0 and the odd crash I get don't seem to be mod specific.


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