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Tips for expanding my Kingdom

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Having reached Tier 4 and being at the point in the main quest line where I was asked to make a decision, I decided to make my own Kingdom with blackjack and hookers. Got myself a party of ~200 men. Captured a Castle whilst the enemy wasn't looking. Made peace as soon as his reinforcements of 500 men arrived. Yay. Rinse and repeat 2 times more, except that now I have ~250 men and 2 parties with ~60 each for a grand total in my army of ~350 to 400 soldiers.

Not too shabby, but considering the lords running around with 700 to 1200 not really a great force actually. I mean, i can beat 700 guys with my 250, considering most of my people are close to top tier, but it is costly. And I can hardly beat a properly defended castle AND a lord or even king in close succession.

And what I definitely can not do is siege a town. Especially not the one next to my castles. Not with a garrison of 700 in it.

However, i feel like I could really use a town, as castles only get you so far and money is a problem. it's not like I'm going bakrupt soon, but I do make -500 to -1000 per day and if I'm at peace (which, considering the strength of my neighbors i want to be most of the time) there's at best the odd minor faction to trample on and they don't show up that often.

So now I'm wondering: How could I realistically siege a town with a garrison of close to 700 men and keep it? My own forces, if I combine them all will probably be at around 400 to 450 men (all of them could be upper tier troops if I transfer forces around a bit I guess), which might be enough to take the town, but probably won't cut it if reinforcements show up either during the siege or closely afterwards.

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What else could I do? Pay off the lord holding the town to join me instead? I haven't tried yet, as the guy doesn't really like me, but even if I could, I'm afraid it'll be quite costly (more money than I have I guess). Any other ideas? Should I just go and keep on sieging castles? Should I create more parties so my army grows stronger? Should I look for another, lightly defended town, even if it is further away?


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