Mount & Blade 2

Tips for newer players!

Constantly keep every possible item of food in your inventory (minus oil and wine unless you can afford it). Especially early game, you will get absurd amount of xp towards levels in steward. By the time you reach clan 3 you'll have almost 50+ extra troop capacity. Use your main character as quarter master as well! I kept it at +9 and by the time I had a city I had maxed out steward.

Cavalry is by far the best troop early game. You want to maximize your speed so that you can catch/run away from any party you see. If you want to do trading just grab some nomads, charge them without help into looters, upgrade them once into "tribal warriors" and keep a party of 20 of them. You will now be untouchable for basically free.

Arena matches are good to get your basic equipment. They stop giving you much gold around the time you'd get all the equipment you need.

Caravans seem to be infinitely better at the moment for making money, so max those out first and then workshops once you find who you want to join or start your campaign.

Also, some good mods to fix some stuff or add clearly needed features:

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– Change Settlement Culture (map is SO HUGE, having to go across the world to get X soldier is annoying, unrealistic, bad design)

– Hideout Send Troops (So many hideouts, doing them by hand is really annoying after the first few times)

– Kill Bandits Raise Relations (GET. Defeating bandits in the DIRECT vicinity of towns raises their relation very slightly every time. When you have multiple parties you will slowly start improving relations with towns you improve the security of naturally.)

– Realistic Shield Usage (If you interact with Khuzaits, get this. I had a 180 army of pure tribal warriors and could solo wipe any army off the map. I got this to nerf myself. This makes soldiers not get picked off nearly as easily)

– Responsive Soldiers (Cool!)

– Smith Forever (If you intend to do any smithing. Smithing is masochistic without this.)

– Troop Collision (Makes sieges slightly less broken)

– Cultured Start (Nice QoL like spawn inside the territory you want to spawn into.)


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