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Ultimate guide to smithing

Smithing is currently (1.41) is the best way to make money. And I mean not 20-40k per whole-map-run-silk-road-trading, but amounts of money that you won't be able to spend if you buy everything in the game. I am currently in the situation where if I smith for profit, every 18 hours of in-game time I can buy whole city worth of goods and get all the money that city has. The main problem becomes to find cities that have enough gold to accept stuff that you have. Also, smithing – provides weapons (except bows and crossbows) that aren't even close to the quality of stuff that you find in cities. Example of inventory after 3 craft sessions (40-50 in game hours, 30-40 IRL minutes). Note: this is the bottom of the inventory sorted by price.


Before start, make 1-2 hardwood runs through northern parts of the map( Usual routes either:

  • Mareiven->Tor Leiad->Glenlithrig->Andurn->Uthelaim->Agalmon and then pop into Mecalovea->Marathea->Vathea for iron ore

or you can go

  • Yanguthum(ore)->Alebat->Tepes->Hanekhy(ore)->Temhem->Syratos(ore)->Hetania

You can build your own routes based on map, just gather around 400-500 hardwood and 200 ore before you stop at some prosperous city. You want to have as many companions with you as possible. I would even recommend to disband caravans before starting couple of smithing sessions. Maybe hire some characters like Polmarc the Smith(you can find location of characters in encyclopaedia(N hotkey)), who have high natural Smithing. Strategy: You want to use all characters in your party, it will benefit time and character progressions. You don't necessarily need to skill smithing on all of them, but at least 2 characters must have high focus on smithing and at least 4-6 ENDurance in order to progress to higher tiers of smithing.

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So your 2 main smiths will have 2 different set of perks (gladly most of the perks for smithing actually work). 1st one will be main Refiner: most important skills are Steel Maker 1-2-3 + Practical Refiner + Artisian Smith (can't tell if its working). You can only buy that much of components that have fine steal and Thamaskene Steel in them. Second main one will be primary crafter(and can smelt as well): Select all top line up till Practical Smith. Then learn that one. Talents after 200 skill up to your preference, but I would recommend +2 cut damage, as 2 handed swords OP in this game. At least 1 or 2 other companions need to have Efficient Coal Maker as you quickly run out of it. Other perks if they able to progress towards them better to put into Steel Making 1-2-3.

Buying stuff:

You can grind resources from scratch, but you probably want to smelt most of them. There are few picks in towns that you buy every time you see them (when you have 50K+ gold): Wooden Hammer/Pitchfork -> gives 3 wood, +1 wood profit, + 1.5 wood with coal making trait. Cities sell them in large quantities so you can just pick them up in order not to run around the map buying hardwood.

  • Themaskene Pike -> steel + fine steel + wood for less than 4k is amazing deal.

  • Wide Leaf spear -> 3 steel + fine steel + wood and it is even cheaper than Themaskene Pike. The best deal around.

  • Long fine steel spear -> 1 iron + 3 steel + wood. Good for its money.

  • Vlandian Heavy Lance -> 1 fine steel + wood. Good.

Once you have around 250k+ you can start buying more expensive items that give Themaskine steel and fine steel in large quantities. They pay back very quickly.

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First sessions

During first sessions you have 2 goals:

  • Level up smithing to at least 75-100

  • Unlock parts

So you do just that. Refine as much coal from initial hardwood as possible. Smelt weapons from looters or the ones you bought from the list. Level up main crafter to 75 (by smelting or crafting occasionally) and then learn Curious Smith. From now on, everyone is working on resources and that smith only forges. In order to level up and unlock more parts forge the highest available tier of weapons.

Sit in town -> burn wood -> smelt stuff -> refine everything -> forge -> rest -> repeat.

Getting Bezos Level rich

Now, city merchant values stats and pure stats. And secret to stats is finding the best of them in your available parts list. One that I found pretty early was Javelin: Harpoon Head + Pine Shaft (don't even need any additional fillings) and it already sells for like 60-70k.

2H Swords can be sold for a lot. It is important to find imbalanced parts on lower levels. Examples can be for 2H sword:

  • Extra Long Hide Grip and Long Hide Grip -> level 2, but better than any level 5 grip, due to 50 inch length. Costs only 2 wrought iron.

  • Thick Warsword Guard With Engraivings -> level 3, but it is the best Guard in the game.

  • Faceted Pompel, Wooden Hook, Simple wheel pompel -> level 2-3 but on par with level 5.

  • As for blades -> use the best available till you unlock Wide Fullered Northen blade on level 3 or Ridget Arming Sword Blade/Pointed Falchion Blade on level 4.

Use Javelins for money and blades for unlocking new parts and skilling your smiths. If your secondary smiths levelling slower than you want, let them craft once, it usually boosts them pretty well (I once got from 0 Smithing to +88 in 1 craft).

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Remember to adjust size of the item you forging. For Javelins usually the bigger the better. For swords it can be tricky, but in most cases max out blade and handle size and than adjust for better stats the rest.

You can craft with penalty till you have enough skill. It impacts your income a little bit, but keeps your progress fast. Usually you will get -8 overall stats for penalty (-6 with critical success, -9 with critical failure).

I was able to find couple of good and profitable item combinations for polearms and pikes, but nothing on other than those 4 types.

Then just go and buy whole towns worth of stuff and move like turtle around the map not knowing where to spend you 20M+ gold and what to do with your 25000 tonns worth of stuff.



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