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Upcoming changes, some facts etc. about the game from the devs in ESO Gamescom stream

Content of the article: "Upcoming changes, some facts etc. about the game from the devs in ESO Gamescom stream"

-They didn't add autoblock option first because of multiplayer, you have to learn to block if you want to survive in multiplayer etc. It wasn't hard to implement

-The game didn't have enough women so they added over 100 women to the game couple of months ago (I don't know if they said this)

-They are working on an education system for your heir so when you die and start controlling your heir, he/she will start with some skills. It is coming in the next few
patches. If I understood it right it will be like the first character creating screen, I might be wrong

-You can get some equipment after capturing the lords not kill them, Armagan said not all of them because like your own troops looted it or it got damaged etc.

-A dev (I think it is Duh) says the sieges are going to be a very long-term process because they are adding new scenes, every time they add a new scene they have to work with other challenges, because of the AI and because of the specific scene factors, how the siege equipment goes etc They will be busy with this quite a lot time.

-Some bugs about weird AI behavior isn't because of the AI but because of the scene.

-As they said in the scene editor live, they are taking inspirations from real castles but they aren't direct replicas. They think sieges like a chess match.

-They don't have a plan to add naval combat in the near future because it is as complicated as land combat, they will finish the game first add missing features etc. Armagan said we will work on naval combat in the future PROBABLY, but it is something they are very very interested in

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-Adding banners (battle banners) is something they are interested in. They will test some features about banners having effects on nearby troops but there is a high chance it will just be a visual effect

-They added a campaign because there were a lot of people who wanted to have a direction, a little bit of nudge. ESO says I agree with them and felt overwhelmed in the original game (Warband I guess), a new player can feel very overwhelmed if it was fully sandbox, like Warband. They have plans on story mode but they don't say when they are going to make them, the campaign mode will be tighter and have more challenges in the endgame

-They will add a full sandbox mode, if you don't like the campaign you can play it or want to be completely free.

-Their main target is still sandbox, an original mount & blade feeling.

-They love voice acting and add voice lines as much as possible. They won't voice act every sentence because there are lots of scripted lines (Bring me 5 longswords for example) but they will add as much as possible that way the player can feel they are interacting with a person

-Right now they are working on the conspiracy thing quest

-They are working on side quests as well

-They are working on siege towers, AI not using 3 ladders etc.

-Sometimes the updates are coming slow because they can't fix an issue in beta branch

-They are interested in a duel between a castles lord and you (just like the hideout boss thing) after you take the castle, as well as something like Warband's system, at some point enemy soldiers are retreating to the keep and you win the battle (or you kill them I don't know) but they say this is too early to discuss this. They didn't add it because they thought many duels would bore the player but this is something we can see in the future

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-They have lots of plans about crafting / smithing and improving them, they actually like the current system but they think the gameplay and weights worked (I don't
know what this means) is not ideal in many ways, they know there is too much grinding so they would like to reduce that and introduce some new gameplay mechanics. They will make it a little bit more skill-based and more fun and interesting, it is something they will definitely work on

-AI tries to make every arrow count when they have less arrows (like they don't shoot arrows to a shieldwall or to a far target)

-They will balance death of lords in battles but they think that it is good to have a higher percentage for now as it lets them to see the outcomes of death of the lords better for testing.

-They will add cutscenes to the campaign.

-Cheering and taunts will be added to the multiplayer

-Mod tools are coming in 3-4 weeks.


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