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VC Norse-Irish Pagan Conquest of Ireland

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While most of the community is too mad about M&B2, I was thinking of a new run in Viking Conquest with the ambitious goal of conquering the entirety of Ireland… while totally and utterly ignoring the main island.

So that's what I got: 1) Ireland is usually the last to actually being conquered by the player and therefore has lots of high tier mounted troops by that time – hard to defend from quick sieges, hard to pursue; 2) Dubh Linn is one of the easiest pickings early game since Irish lords hate the Viking guts of Laithlind and will eventually siege it, leaving the city vulnerable for some short time afterwards. If you invest money not in manufactures but in ships early game, with the bit of luck you can easily conquer it with mercs alone, assaulting from the sea. Pretty much the same goes for several other cities in England, but they are either less likely to be plundered early game or lack the sea access; 3) High-tier Irish have the best throwing troops, best cavalry and deal overwhelming damage with their huge swords and axes. This makes them the best field army material. However, if you spice them up with Norse heavy troops for sieges, they should become perfect; 4) Some Irish settlements and lords tend to be Pagan for whatever reason. I wonder if Irish soldiers would count as Pagan then?

The only two reasons to visit mainland are: 1) Dorestad trade rout. Which IS profitable but wool can be amassed in the Ireland as well, and with your own ships you'd probably make more profitable runs across the sea fighting Vikings and earning good loot and fame; 2) manufactures. But let's be honest, they actually start to be profitable in a matter of several months at best. Saving money instead of building 3-4 additional manufactures gets you and oakwood busse. That boi can be turned into money and power pretty quickly.

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So what do you think of this plan, fellow gamers? And allow me to politely remind you that if you don't like it, I will drink from your skulls.


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