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War Elephants (And more Mount variety in general)(A suggestion)

Content of the article: "War Elephants (And more Mount variety in general)(A suggestion)"

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With the new Skeleton system implemented in Bannerlord, there is little reason to not make more use of it than there currently is. And yet, the only mounts that present a clear deviation from the common horse cavalry are the Camels, which as far as I can tell aren't used in any major way by anyone, with not even the Aserai having any Camel Riders in their Noble or Commoner troop trees.

As such, I'd like to suggest that more different and Interesting mounts are added to the game to make use of the Skeleton system, and that these mounts in particular be War Elephants and more fleshed-out Camels added to the Aserai troop rosters.The Logic behind this is that currently, the Aserai don't really fill a concrete role due to none of their units really being exceptional, with them most closely resembling something like another generalist faction akin to the Empire. With the addition of proper war Camels and Elephants to their rosters, their specialty could easily become being the faction bringing exotic beasts to the table that utterly break the mold of Calradian continental warfare.

Camels, well, they should just kinda be what the noble line of the Aserai generally uses in my opinion. There should just be more of them around. What's the point of having them if you barely ever see them being used by anyone in the game?

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Elephants in particular however, could also open the route towards mounts with multiple riders/multiple crew members. As such, Instead of them being tied to one of the lines, they should be available to be bought at special vendors or the general market place without any soldiers on top of them. It should then be possible to access a menu in party composition or the inventory which allows the player to select anywhere from 1-6 people, depending on the particular elephant, to be put on top of it and use it as a small mobile fortress. This, coupled with elephants being extraordinarily expensive in respect to how rare they are, should solve most of the naturally arising balancing concerns with most lords only being able to afford no more than perhaps 3 of those Animals. In exchange for this price, the elephants should then be a lot braver than they are in reality to both make them worthwhile and help creating the power fantasy. Breaking hostile infantry lines on top of a giant beast ought to be epic, and they'd make a nice command platform in any case.

At this point I'd like to address some of the criticism I've seen on other similar posts all over the internet with people saying that Bannerlord is somehow the wrong time period for this. And well, that's just other nonsense. Bannerlord isn't reality, and many of the reasons for why war elephants became less and less used in European and medieval warfare just don't, or don't need to, exist. There is no reason for elephants necessarily having to be as cowardly as they are in reality, Gun powder weapons don't exist yet, and they don't need to be extinct in Aserai lands, with the extinction of the North African and Middle eastern elephant species' being the ultimate main reason for why they stopped being used in Mediterranean warfare as early as they were.

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