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Warband’s Claimant Quest Help (Native)

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Hey fellow butterlords! I've returned to Warband with a vengeance! Long story short: I'm pursuing the female claimant quest so I can knock out ~3 late game achievements in one playthrough (Girl Power, then Manifest Destiny, and then Empress). Betraying two monarchs and then conquering the world for myself, Petyr Baelish would be proud. I started writing this out as a personal plan, but decided to share it with you all to get feedback and also help anyone else out with the Claimant questline. I'm taking on Swadia and King Harlaus for Lady Isolla.

I've read the Gulp's guide for the claimant questline on steam (, but I still have some questions and would like some more information before I begin my uprising. I know that the claimant quest is not a typical war: I will not be able to pillage Swadian properties or hold their lords prisoner if I want them to join me. I also need to use the same justification (Isolla is the rightful ruler) each time I talk with the lords so they don't think I'm two-faced. Since my only option is to play the long game, I need to make sure I am adequately prepared. So my question is: how will I know I'm ready to challenge the throne?

For this playthrough I'm playing a female character with the following stats and armies:

-Renown: 663, Party Size: 97, Right to Rule: 12. Stats: 12 STR, 12 AGI, 15 INT, 15 CHA. Points placed mostly in leadership and persuasion skills, and of course combat. When will my character be strong enough to meet Lady Isolla and get this party started?

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-I am friends with 3 Swadian lords. 5 other Swadian lords are between 10-20 positive relations. How high should my relationships be, and how many do I need?

-My weekly income is about 1500 denars if nothing is sequestered. With Swadian incomes removed, I make 900 denars currently. I can add a new 500 weekly denars for a one-time 10,000 denar payment to a city guild master (AKA buying a dye-works). I know I'll need more income, so I'll have to grind for more dye-works. What's a good weekly income to sustain a guerilla campaign?

-I have trained 50 Swadian knights currently vibing in my castle, with another 50 in training in my party. But I will probably need more than 100 total…

-Companions: Lezalit has 4 surgery so far, so battles usually result in 1-2 deaths if any. Artimenner has 4 engineer, and I have 5 engineer so sieges should be set up quickly. I still need to equip the rest of my companions with high-tier armor.

I have only one castle (Ergellon Castle, a conquest from the Rhodoks) as a fief. I've purchased dye-works in four scattered cities, including Rivacheg which is a massive economic boost when it's not being sequestered. I won't get income from the two Swadian-controlled cities once the rebellion starts, so I started buying properties in cities that are far away from our borders. Right now, Swadia is strong. We have dominated the Rhodoks, and both the Vaegirs and Sarranids recently declared war to curb our power. I want to concentrate power in one area (the former Rhodok territories) for this rebellion, so I don't want to go fight the Vaegirs or the Sarranids at this point. I also hope they are able to take more Swadian territory in these wars, so there is less for me to retake in the future. My plan right now is to occupy one corner of the map and just survive the inevitable Swadian retaliation, mostly engaging them outside my castle until I can capture Harlaus and hold him until his lords' loyalty ratings drop. With enough Swadian knights, this should be doable. Then I can persuade some of his lords to join my cause, and use their armies to retake the rest that remains of Swadia. Then I do it all over again once I've helped Lady Isolla conquer all of Calradia. It should be easier the second time. Once I get these achievements, I'll try out some of the conversion mods! I'm still playing Native Warband, mostly for authenticity reasons.

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Some concerns:

-Will my mostly Swadian army lose morale for fighting Swadia? Will I be able to recruit Swadians once I begin the uprising? Basically, should I recruit and train Sarranid Mamlukes instead?

-Am I at high risk of other kingdoms declaring war on me, in addition to Swadia? My plan involves occupying Rhodok territory, and fighting Rhodoks would be a waste. On the other hand, if I let the Swadians finish the Rhodoks off, there will be less potential competition against them as well.

-How will I locate Lady Isolla when the time is right? I would like to begin when Swadia is already fighting some other powers, but it would be hard to talk to Isolla if she is located in unfriendly territory.

-Fighting sieges tend to cost me more troops than open battles, so how do I minimize losses when expanding?

-Is there an unknown unknown that I am missing?

That about sums it all up! If you have any tips on this scheme, I would appreciate them! I also wouldn't mind hearing any stories you guys have from your own campaigns, since there isn't that much content about this questline! Cheers.


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