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What new features or current issues do you see as being “core” to what Taleworlds needs to complete to finish Bannerlord?

I see a lot of features and suggestions being thrown around on forums and reddit (some of which are genuinely cool ideas), but a bunch of them I see as stuff unnecessary for a good "core" game experience (and could be future mods). While I like seeing those ideas for inspiration, I think focusing on them can take away focus from getting a solid and stable base game. Warband is fun, but even with a much larger team I don't want Taleworlds to run around trying to recreate all the different mods the community created for Warband. I'd rather they make a solid core experience with easy extendability to let the community decide and develop what they'd like to see in mods.

Having come back to Bannerlord after the initial release, I really enjoyed how much the early game has improved. But the moment I became a vassal, the game became a lot less fun because of how little things I did mattered. I couldn't even go back to early game content because after a certain point it isn't worth the time to do notable quests because the benefits (small amounts of money, more troops to recruit) aren't worth the downsides (relation loss with other notables, being tied to a specific area and unable to react to events like wars or raids). The relations system in particular is the most disappointing aspect of Bannerlord right now, and I honestly think an overhaul of that system and the rewards of high relations would go a long way to helping roleplay and replayability of the game.

So with that said, what new features or current issues do you see as being "core" to what Taleworlds needs to complete to finish Bannerlord?

Some Issues I see as being core to Bannerlord's final release:

  1. Bugs: Siege AI pathing, particularly with ladders

  2. Bugs: Reinforcement respawning positions in battles, this has caused virtually every crash in the game for me.

  3. Bugs: Map UI (siege markers) not properly disappearing.

  4. Broken Feature: Perks are still incomplete.

  5. Broken Feature: Placeholder dialogue.

  6. Broken Feature: Rewards for high relations with Lords are non-existent as you cannot change the minds of other clans on kingdom decisions.

  7. Broken Feature: Quests for Artisans/Merchants/Gang Leaders usually improve the relation with the quest giver at the cost of one of the other notable types for a measly reward.

  8. Missing Feature: Cannot control alleys in towns with your own troops.

  9. Broken Feature: Well documented modding tools.

  10. Missing Feature: Conversations and non-combat interactions with notables/lords/companions (discuss politics, scenery, recent events, relations). Warband had very barebones options to hold a conversation with different Lords to ask about their opinions on the war or various kingdom decisions. All that information is now hidden away in the influence system (which ironically has no influence over other clan leaders opinions), which makes building relationships particularly with lords pointless.

  11. Broken Feature: Imprisonment being a viable option for keeping enemy lords off the game map. Better escape quests and rewards.

  12. Broken Feature: Rebellions aren't really claimant / diplomacy driven, it's more about relations with a town. There's no true political rebellion system against a faction leader.

  13. Broken Feature: Character traits have little to no impact on characters (traits should affect dialogue, reactions to events/character actions, quests that they can give, opinion on politics).

  14. Bugs: Balance issues (warhorses being impossible to find making quests to acquire warhorses impossible to complete, stats on influence or tribute or xp randomly breaking into absurd numbers, smithing v. trading).

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Suggestions that could address some of these core issues with game:

  1. Quests to train another clan's child as a page/squire or to have children in your clan be trained as a page/squire (could address relations system issues)

  2. Being able to steal/smuggle goods in towns or villages.

  3. Being able to ally with notables to allow them to help manage your power. Allying with an artisan might let them tell you what the most profitable workshop in your city would be, or boost workshop profits. Allying with a merchant might let them direct your caravans along trading routes with better profitablity, or boost caravan profits. Allying with a gang leader might let them have rare items available as "stolen" goods (like the fabled Imperial War Horse I've never seen in the market in my 60+ hours of gameplay) or the ability to hire/upgrade bandit troops and unique troop units.

  4. Rebellion / Coup / Defection option/quest if a clan is dissatisfied with the faction leader. If you have high relation with a clan and the clan has low relation with their faction leader, you shoud be able to convince them to rebel with you or defect to your kingdom.

  5. Dialogue checks being dependent on a charm skill level rather than RNG or RNG is only used if you don't meet minimum charm skill. If the dialog option you chose matches a character's traits, the threshold level for a success is lower.

  6. Being able to place spies in towns to view garrison / food supply / sabatoge defenses.

  7. Being able to send assassins to wound enemy lords / fight off assassins in towns.

  8. Being able to befriend a lord to allow them to more likely to support your kingdom decisions, or be more open about their opinions of different lords or political ideas in conversation.

  9. Have lords / notables / companions remember events that the player, themselves, or other lords have done and have dialogue based upon their opinion of the event. If you ask a lord what they've been up to, or what they are trying to do, it would be nice if there was a system in place for the lord talk about the plans to raid different villages or defend a castle.

  10. Have companions and lords initiate conversations with you regarding events or politics or situations. Companions commenting on different cities when you are near them, lords discussing voting on a particular policy, companions voicing what they'd like to do, fellow lords in an army discussing what they'd like to do.

  11. Feasts (opportunity to meet and improve relations with lords and ladies outside of combat, as well as potential to influence kingdom decisions).

  12. Being able to capture or create your own bandit hideout.

  13. Minor factions having their own hideouts (similar to bandit hideouts).

  14. Quests to undermine a specific clan's power or overthrow a faction leader.

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Things I'd like to see, but wouldn't mind if Taleworlds never implements (or if they only get implemented as mods eventually):

  1. Overhaul of Calradia map. Yes, the map doesn't make a lot of sense compared to Warband and has a lot of little annoyances but they could fix all of that and I wouldn't feel like the game was any closer to completion.

  2. Unique kingdom political systems for different cultures. While a really cool concept, this will feel just as empty to me as the current kingdom system unless the character trait system and the relations systems are overhauled like I've detailed above.

  3. More bandit types (while manhunters and sword sisters would be cool, I'd rather not deal with the migraines that steppe and desert bandits created).

  4. AI targetting priority (being able to command troops to target particular enemies is nice, but I kind of abuse it against the AI by soloing and kiting enemy formations which makes it less important for me to fix).


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