Mount & Blade 2

Why do all towns and fiefs go to another faction when I kill the entire faction?

I played the game for the 4th time now and had a bug that I couldn't complete the main quest (wasn't able to give banner to someone nor create own kingdom quest)

I was however able to create a kingdom, it just didn't complete the quest. I had a very good start and good companions so I didn't want to restart the game, instead I decided to hunt down every lord in the kingdom and execute him/her because they always declared war on me. When I killed the last lord of Vlandia, all their settlements went to northern empire, same happened with the settlements of Battania. When I killed all southern lords I did however get all their settlements. What is the logic behind this?

I used only horse archers in my companions and my own party, except those few archers I still had to level up to increase my marching speed and of course because they are so powerful. I only sieged towns to lure the enemy, they would always show up with an army containing multiple lords so it was rather easy and fast to wipe them all out.

2nd bug I faced this way is when they attack me and I execute their lords, sometimes I have to abandon siege because suddenly I'm no longer in war with them. Makes it way too easy and boring since all I have to do is now move to another faction and repeat the process while having only 1 town of my own filled with garrison and militia which I can easy defend because of my high marching speed.

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Is there a way to remove lords from your keep? I still have to kill western kingdom lords but they have no fiefs and are staying in my town. And can you give your companions the order to execute all enemy lords too? When in army they sometimes receive half of the prisoners, including lords and I have to disband companion party to let the put lords in nearest dungeon


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