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The obvious answer is because they want to have fun, so don’t be a dick.

I just wanted to rant a little bit about the toxicity I find in multiplayer mode. Since the single player is in early access, I find myself constantly drawn to the Captain mode in multiplayer. It’s a lot of fun, but the player count is extremely low and I see new players being put off by toxic players constantly.

Is it a great idea to be cav when you’re just starting out on Ebereth Hillfort? Probably not, no. Do they know that? Definitely not.

So can we agree to say things nicely and give a reason if we want to change the comp? Flaming someone for being a noob and insulting them for their pick is a great way to keep the player count small and also lose a game because they stubbornly refuse to change for some asshole.

Maybe explain that when you’re new it’s hard to utilize cav to their full potential, especially on a map with limited space to maneuver. The new guy learns something new and now they’re far more likely to switch in the name of teamwork.

Now my example was just Cav, but I see this with archers all the time too. Here’s the thing though, inf rush may be the easiest way to win, but it is by no means the only way! I’ve won countless rounds with funky comps and I’ve lost just as many with good ones. The key in every round is teamwork, and toxicity is a great way to kill teamwork and throw a game regardless of comp.

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Normally I like to just be silent and work with the team, but this weekend I was playing and a teammate relentless insulted a brand new player because of his cav pick. I spoke up a bit and the dick said he was educating the guy. No my guy, you were being a dick.

Fun fact, the game in question was vs half the BTL clan and some other 750’s. There is not good matchmaking in this game, so please keep this in mind. We’re not playing a competitive sport, everyone’s just trying to have some fun.

TLDR: Be nice to your fellow butterlords, and if you see someone being a dick, maybe say something. Let’s all have fun out there.


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