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Why is the no religion in Calradia?

Content of the article: "Why is the no religion in Calradia?"

I've been revisiting Viking Conquest and Total War Rome recently and the culture/religion features in those games really add some depth, I think. It's a shame Calradia in completely void of all religion (apart from those members of the flames bois that wanna get their bums scorched, ik) because I takes away that dimension for politics and roleplaying in the game.

Wouldn't it be cool if each culture had a corresponding religion? There would be clerics, priests and priestesses that would have a hand in politics, almost like a normal clan but with certain privileges depending what culture they're part of. High ranking religious officials could advise the ruler and sway politics and armies with moral/stat buffs from performing rituals, sacrifices and reading omens.

There could he certain things that are taboo or respected in each culture and depending how well or not you observe them you gain/lose respect within that faction. Or even better, certain novels and clans are less pious and like it when you break religious rules. Maybe some novels and rulers are trying to convert their culture to the religion of another culture?

Ideas for the religions of cultures: Aserai could have a Muslim or Zoroastrian inspired religion. Vlandia could be catholic and the Empire could be more Orthodox. Because of their monotheistic flavour maybe these cultures could have some religious sympathies with each other OR they could hate eachother even more because they disagree about God. Battania, Khuzait and Sturgia could have fittingly celtic, mongolian and Norse polytheistic religions where they worship multiple deities. Here maybe a couple major deities have their cults present as clans. For example, Stugia has a pretty powerful clan that is the cult of Caldarian Odin and another that is the cult of Calradian Thor. They back you in votes depending how fierce a warrior you are and condemn you if you run from battle.

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I think these sorts of features would make the game more interesting and give some distinctive flavour to each culture. Currently all that really changes between cultures is the aesthetics and specific units available so to add these mechanics would make the game greatly more relatable, I think. It would also make a more believable world since it always strikes me how implausably non religious a realm of squabbling medieval kingdoms is!

What does everybody think about this? Any thoughts or further suggestions? What have I missed? Does anybody know of any mods that do this sort of thing?


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